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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Out on the town: Review: Queens Head at 10 Queen Street, Peterborough, PE1 1PA. Missed Opportunity ....

Be careful where you sit, the timber is rough sawn even at ground level.. no expense spared, simply no expense....

You need Courage to drink here...The menu make no mention of any of the £3:90 a pint beers on offer..

Wood-fired Pizza Oven? But no sign of any wood ever being charred.. the oven inside is gas fired and pristine white...

Dexion slotted angle shelving, empty file covers and old kitchen dresser fronts nailed to walls.. Beer was warm too...  

Queens Head at 10 Queen Street, Peterborough, PE1 1PA.    


P'BROTRIB :Out on the town
Julian Bray reporting:

Its always good to try out new eateries and pubs and clearly Peterborough, Cambridgeshire with its tempting cheap rent and get in deals for developers - to fill up acres of near derelict high street retail property, is finally attracting most of the national catering chains. However some don’t give two hoots about local culture and sensitivities, but more interested in quickly generating revenue at almost any cost, then moving on, if it’s not working. 

A few ‘peaceful repossession’ notices pasted up by bailiffs are on display around the revamped Town centre, denoting a number of business failures, but we do live in hard times, but not if you believe the price structure at the Queens Head.  

It reads over the door 'Come on in...' but nothing can prepare you for what lies within...

A bottle of bog standard non-vintage Laurent Perrier champagne will set you back £55, and a 75cl screwtop bottle of Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand – that is… (Yealands Land Made) a steal at £26 ha ha! Small glass (125ml) £4:90 Large Glass (250ml) £9:20 ...........

A double espresso shot is £2 but a green tea (just add water...) is £2:50, err as are all the teas on offer £2:50..
The menu blurb puts the blame for the wines onto Suzy who seems to have omitted the origins and quality marks ie DOC, Appellation Controlee and possibly the vintages. Maybe it’s a year thing?

Someone clearly likes ‘Suzy and her travelling nose’ as she gets three mentions, one in each paragraph, for this palpable joke of a wine list, on the A4 size paper placemat.  

'Pints of beer crafted at our Grandfather’s Brewery', or the vast international brewing concern usually known as Charles Welles, to those who care about such things.

Cleary ‘Suzy and her travelling nose’ has yet to discover the delights of well served beer. Well so have I, as it sadly wasn’t on tap when I visited…

The latest eaterie to open in Peterborough is the Queens Head at 10 Queen Street, Peterborough, PE1 1PA. One of the last classic original timber frame buildings in the City.  

It’s supposed to be a Charles Welles pub, but you really wouldn’t know it, none of the printed literature mentions Charles Welles and the feedback card (a free pudding if you complete it) even fails to rate the quality of the draught beer.


And having tasted it I can understand why. A warm pint of Courage Directors, it must have been in the pipe for some time, is offered at London prices,  an eye watering £3:90 for nearly a pint, I say that as the one served to me, thankfully no sparkler head, but had a deep Guinness style foaming head on it, and the glass was not a lined oversized vessel!    

The purists among you might think that’s neat having 1PA as your post code harking back to the golden days of the Raj and India Pale Ale, ie IPA, brewed extra strong so it would travel to India and arrive in perfect condition.

Yes, that is the 'new' ceiling and in its finished state.... Dogsthorpe chic.. 

Having read the local newspaper, I was hoping for much more,  it was clear the pictures must have been taken after the demolition people have half completed their work, knocking out a ceiling to make an atrium and capture the light from the upper windows but seemingly before the decorators had moved in?

Well you’d think so, but dear reader the contents of the Dogsthorpe recycling centre would have appeared to have closed down and not moved to Fengate as we’ve been led to believe, but offloaded as much house clearance sawn timber, old corrugated iron sheets, roughhewn timber and junked wooden window frames even old kitchen cabinets all nailed and screwed to the Kango hammered 'distressed' walls, and odd dustbins upended standing in for lampshades.

Anyone considering dining at this venue, the simple one course meals come in pots (£11:50) and sides Sprouting Broccoli (£3:50), or opting for the range of pizzas  (Lardo £11:50) - said to be from a wood burning pizza oven - but all I could see was a mains gas flame licking up the inside of a pristine white pizza brick oven dome, and an electric circuit breaker discreetly on the side of the structure.

No evidence whatsoever of any wood being ignited, charring or smoking,  so perhaps any woody smoked taste comes out of a shaker who knows? Perhaps you need an NVQ in wood chopping?

It was certainly not wood burning (as stated on the Menu (bottom left)  under Sunday:Your Ultimate Roast Lunch) on Friday 18th August 2017, perhaps Trading Standards might like to pay them a visit?  

And a word of warning to any lady wearing an expensive outfit, be careful where you sit, the roughhewn timber sections extend to the seated areas, easy enough to snag fine fabrics. Its usual to sand down wood before dipping it in varnish.

But all things said, perhaps it will settle down, but from a design and atmosphere point of view this new venue is a right royal stinker, and as welcoming as a trip to the real  Dogsthorpe recycling  centre.   We’ll give it another go in a few months… if it is still there, or they decide to re-decorate and re-furnish, but this time properly. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, August 18, 2017


In between some bone-shakenly daft political decisions elsewhere, the Rhubarb Bridge being one and the criminally convicted old lag Conservative Cllr Peter Hiller being gifted Chair of the Honours Committee ( shome mishtake giving Cllr Hiller a bunch of keys???...) being the other and thirdly guess who is awaiting the call in on the Rhubarb Bridge? none other than Cllr Peter Hiller! You really could not make this up. Meanwhile the Beer festival approaches and Charters never fails to disappoint, this year its the Randall Roots Festival .... Sup it up!

If I have time I'll pop down with my spoons and the comb witu a sheet of IZAL loop E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Were you in or near EATON FORD or on the road to BUCKDEN last weekend ? We need your help...

1950's Library picture: Not from missing album...

That much liked DJ lothario from Stamford, Paul Stainton during the closing moments of his ever popular morning show on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, had this unfortunate tale to tell, and hopefully with help from our brilliant readers we can make someone really happy......   

Lost, help us find a 65 years old wedding album.

 Imagine your wife has dementia, and is spending the twilight of her years in a care home in Eaton Ford, and its a special occasion. 

A wedding anniversary . The elderly husband takes along a treasured wedding album of photographs to try and jog his wifes failing memory. Their whole life together is captured in those pictures, and the album we think is in a cream or off white cover.

On the way back the husband, Alan Tompkins finds his keys opens the car. and drives off home to Buckden, only to realise the treasured photographic album isn't on the seat beside him, but was probably placed ON THE ROOF of the car as he drove off!

So we are asking if over the weekend you were in Eaton Ford or on the road to Buckden and you've come across thee missing photographic album. Then we can find the owner ring the Peterborough Tribune 01733 345581. Don't worry if you cannot get it over to us,  as we can send a messenger. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .


Image courtesy  ITVNEWS

A derailed freight train (GB Freight Services) between Ely North junction and Peterborough is causing travel chaos and will severely impact and curtail evening rush hour commuter services. Regular commuter and freight services will be severely disrupted for at least seven working days, as eleven derailed freight wagons have to be lifted from the wrecked permanent way (railway track) before replacing the track along with ancillary  trackside cables.

The importance of Peterborough as a mainline rail terminal is underlined as all London trains for Norwich, Cambridge are terminating at Peterborough. Rail replacement services operated by a fleet of buses are in operation.  All services north of Ely are cancelled.

The train derailed just after 2:20pm earlier  today (Monday, August 14. Police and recovery teams are on site, but the line is blocked. No one was hurt. Officials suggested knock on delays and cancellations are now likely to continue for most of this week, due to line damage. Check with rail companies for updates. 

Train operator Greater Anglia also confirmed the derailment and that all lines between Ely North and Peterborough are currently blocked. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Monday, August 07, 2017

Wales beach 'dog on lead or £70 fine' snoopers, now roaming central Peterborough, as Public Spaces Protection Order enacted !

These discreet signs ( you need to be at least 14 feet tall with excellent eyesight in order to read them, they are set so high up...) are going up on signposts all over Peterborough, as fun loving Cllr Irene Walsh has hired in an organisation empowered to dish out 'fines' of  £70 for bike riding in Bridge Street, plus a whole lot of other perils including spitting, littering and urination or defecation. There is even one very near to Waitrose  and the Brewery Tap pub...

Nothing wrong with that, but is this new Kingdom 'camera in yer face style of security' the right outfit to patrol the Peterborough heartlands? Even if they work for free?  We hear that Conway Council hired in Kingdom uniformed security officers who have been photographing and following Llandudno residents, exercising their dogs on the beach,  taking photographs and popping up out of the sand dunes, to slap a £75 fixed penalty on dog owners who let their dogs off the leash. Some local residents have allegedly built up a huge stack of tickets already..

But in Peterborough, the new signs also tackle Urination ie urinating in the street. Clearly a consideration when you stuff the central areas full of bars, clubs, pizza  and Kebab takeaways and close down public loos.

Enter the Urilift public urinal that when closed thinks its a 'manhole' cover

But help is at hand, these new pop up urinals (when not in use slide back into the pavement and look like a regular 'manhole' cover. Oh, you say that the sort of thing they have in France, never in the UK?  But this one is already installed in Charterhouse Street, City of London!  Just the thing when your broker or banker gets caught short, and perhaps one of those cheap looking three-tier corporation green plastic floral planters, beloved by the PCC, could be popped on top?

Penny for your thoughts? If you want a Peterborough job with Kingdom, pay is said to be a tad under £10 an hour...which makes you wonder why the PCC paid out over £1,500 to provide security at an open council meeting, then did it again, making a total of £3,000!  It works out at around 120 'heavies' hired in for each of the two meetings. Some mistake, or was a commission involved? We should be told! E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, August 04, 2017


Sent away Taxi for Bourne? 

A Lincolnshire Police Officer who was facing a widely publicised private prosecution from a Mr Nik Fox aka Nikki James Fox of Bourne, Lincolnshire (Mr Fox, a member of the public, it should be noted, has a criminal record for serious computer crime, and currently serving a twelve month jail sentence, suspended for three years) Nikki James Fox who accused the police officer of kidnap, has had the case discontinued by the intervention of a District Judge. Neither of the parties attended Court yesterday.

 Police Officer Richard Mosley was due to appear at Lincoln Magistrates' Court on August 3, in relation to a number of allegations, including misconduct in public office, kidnap and false imprisonment.

The allegations, which the Crown Prosecution Service declined to pursue, relate to an incident on May 23 last year at a house in Bourne.

But Nikki James Fox (aka Nik Fox) of Bourne, Lincolnshire then started a private prosecution against the police sergeant.

This isn't the first time Nikki James Fox ( aka Nik Fox ) has launched private prosecutions. Mr Fox was 'promoted' in Peterborough as being the 'technical director' of a scheme purporting to bring a community television service to Peterborough.

It was launched with much bravado at the Peterborough Beer Festival some years ago, and at several other pubs, years later the City is still waiting. It isn't known if the Beer Festival (CAMRA) was ever paid or a fee demanded, although other launch venues say they were paid for the room hire.

The Peterborough Tribune blog then started to investigate Nik Fox and his Community TV claims, which did not seem to meet basic OFCOM requirements for community television ventures, and his technical and professional computer qualifications did not seem to be proven.

His then network of private limited companies also seemed to be of the '£1paid up capital' variety. Most have now been dissolved or a family member is now a director. This upset Mr Fox who launched a private prosecution on a single count of harassment in the Peterborough Magistrates Court against a local journalist and broadcaster, only for the Crown Prosecution Service on a detailed legal submission from London lawyers Bindmans Criminal & Fraud department, to take over the case and promptly ended it, with the defendants costs paid from central (ie public) funds. 

On leaving the Peterborough Court House, Mr Nik Fox (aka Nikki James Fox) was served with a bundle of court documents from the Police Service of Northern Ireland where police had been investigating Mr Fox for over four years in relation to several serious charges under the Computer Misuse Act. Mr Fox subsequently appeared at Craigavon Crown Court in Northern Ireland and was found guilt on two counts and handed down a custodial prison sentence of twelve months, suspended for three years. Mr Fox did however spent one night in a Northern Ireland jail before his sentencing hearing.

However, neither Mr Mosley or Mr Fox attended the private prosecution hearing at Lincoln magistrates court and District Judge Peter Veits ruled the case should be discontinued.

Mr Fox from Bourne had also made accusations of false imprisonment relating to an incident at Grantham Police Station on July 8 last year and allegations of perverting the course of justice on June 8.

Lincolnshire Police conducted its own internal investigation into the May 23 incident after receiving a public complaint. A misconduct meeting was held on Monday, June 26, where it was stated that Mr Mosley has not been charged with any criminal offences.

*** TRIBNOTE For some reason, best known to itself, the local newspaper The Peterborough Telegraph which has suffered editorial staff cuts, failed to report on the matter although they attended, the Peterborough magistrates court hearings..... E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Thursday, August 03, 2017


Police have received reports of a suspicious male operating in the Netherton area, but he could also be working his scam in other neighbourhoods of the City.

The male calls at addresses claiming he is waiting for a delivery, and needs to borrow some cash to pay the delivery driver. The description is of a white male approx 30-40 years.

 Did this man call at your address ? Do you have a better description?

Please warn elderly neighbours and relatives, as he does appear to be targeting this section of the community.

Anyone with information should call police on 101  or visit Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555111 or via E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Vara MP Welcomes Government’s Additional Funding for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Roads

A drop in the bucket? Is £3.5 million really enough?

Local MP Shailesh Vara has welcomed an  announcement by the Department for Transport (DfT) of £3.5 million public funding for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough roads. This follows a bid by Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council backed by the MP. The funds are to repair 'drought damaged' roads. 

Shailesh Vara wrote in support of the bid, 'parts of which addresses the problem of fen roads being at greater risk of deterioration due to their construction on fen soil that is prone to subsidence.'

The funding will be spent on deeper treatment to badly affected routes. The allocation of £3.5million comes from £75million which has been allocated to local councils nationally following a bidding process to the DfT’s Local Highways Maintenance Challenge Fund Tranche 2A.

The Challenge Fund is one part of a £ 6.1 billion being provided to local highway authorities in England, outside London, between 2015/2016 and 2020/2021.
It will go towards repairing roads which will it is claimed cut congestion, reduce journey times and improve reliability as well as helping to support local businesses.
Following the announcement, Shailesh Vara MP said: “This is excellent news and I am very pleased  Government has backed the Council’s scheme for fen roads with significant funding.
The roads provide vital vehicular access for many communities and their improved condition will ensure safer and better travel for motorists.

Meanwhile, local residents say the works are many years overdue, and that they have been overlooked by successive governments... E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

NIKKI JAMES FOX 'pressing charges at Lincoln Magistrates Court on August 3rd'

.....or OFF AIR which is it?

Recently convicted computer hacker Nik Fox (AKA Nikki James Fox ) of Bourne, Lincolnshire, ( nothing to do with Nikki Fox the renowned BBC Broadcaster ) who is currently serving a twelve month suspended sentence, suspended for  three years, following a lengthy four year police investigation and Crown Court trial at Craigavon Crown Court, Northern Ireland, Fox pleaded guilty to two charges under the Computer Misuse Act, is soon to be in Lincoln Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, August 3rd , only this time he is pressing charges. More as we get it.

Tulip Radio [TLP] Spalding, South Holland, Lincolnshire
Listen Live: mp3:  Currently Unavailable
Tulip Radio will serve those living and working within Spalding and surrounding areas of South Holland, Lincolnshire. The station will act as a unifying voice across this sparsely populated area and will be accessible to all sections of the local community. It will keep local people up-to-date with events and matters of local concern, providing them with opportunities to become involved in both the operation and the management of the service.

Meanwhile the backers of Tulip Community Radio who briefly had an alleged ' unhappy association' with Nikki James Fox, then part of Hereward Media/Radio (and still featured on Hereward You-tube videos), before they pulled the plug on Hereward Media ( a recently registered charity and currently said to be occupying an office at the recently re-let Broadway Theatre Peterborough).

Tulip subsequently, handed back their OFCOM awarded community radio licence, are said to be up before a different magistrates a few days later,  as they have been 'served with legal documents' allegedly 'left at the end of a farm track....' More as we get that too. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

RMT claims cost of UK rail commuting into London is now four times the rate of comparable fares into other European Capitals!

RMT claims cost of UK rail commuting into London is now four times the rate of comparable fares into other European Capitals!


Rail union RMT has today repeated a call for public ownership of the railways, as it emerged that commuters into London – unlike commuters into other European capital cities - are being treated, says the Union, as nothing more than self-loading cash-cows by private train companies.....

Figures released by the union show that like for like comparisons with other cities show that London commuters are being hit with ‎fare hikes, up to four times the rate across the Channel.

The Secretary of State for Transport has said that fares will be increased in January by no more than the rate of inflation (as published on 15 August). However, as the rate of inflation is predicted to come in at between 3 and 4 per cent, passengers will still face big increases.

The union points out that commuters travelling on services into London are shelling out multiples of what their counterparts elsewhere in the EU are paying for similar length journeys on the continent into EU capitals. For example:

Passengers travelling from Basildon to London (around 27 miles) pay £264.60 per month, whereas passengers in Belgium travelling from Antwerp to Brussels (around 28 miles) pay £127.80 (143 Euros) per month.
This suggests commuting into the Belgian capital costs around half of the amount it does to commute into London.

Passengers travelling from Maidstone to London (around 35 miles) pay £412.50 per month, whereas passengers in Germany travelling from Luckenwalde to Berlin (around 36 miles) pay £99.80 (111.67 Euros) per month.
This suggests commuting into the German capital costs around a quarter of the amount it does to commute into London.

Passengers travelling from Milton Keynes to London (around 48.5 miles) pay £482.70 per month, whereas passengers in Italy travelling from Orte to Rome (around 50 miles) pay £116 (130 Euros) per month.
This suggests commuting into the Italian capital costs around a quarter of the amount it does to commute into London.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “Anger is mounting over the government’s indifference to the plight of commuters and rightly so.‎ The way that this minority administration turns a blind eye to the great British rail rip-off is an absolute disgrace.

“It is a national scandal that UK passengers pay the largest proportion of their salaries in the EU just for travelling to and from work and are forced to endure unreliable and rammed out trains as part of the deal.

“It is time that the government stopped foreign rail companies treating commuters as a bovine herd to be packed in and routinely milked with the proceeds shipped abroad to keep fares down in other European cities. The only solution to this racket is public ownership." E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Cambs. Police 7 day Review for Peterborough Residential Burglary Offences.

31/07/2017 21:49:00

Cambridgeshire Police:  7 day review for Peterborough residential burglary offences.
Northern = 4
Eastern = 2
Southern = 2
Tait Close, Eastfield, Peterborough, PE1 4QH
25/07/2017 15:00 - 25/07/2017 23:45
A laptop stolen.
Stan Rowing Court, Stanground, Peterborough, PE2 8HL
26/07/2017 16:49 - 26/07/2017 16:49
A handbag stolen from desk in office
Willonholt, Ravensthorpe, Peterborough, PE3 7LU
26/07/2017 17:00 - 26/07/2017 17:00
PlayStation and games stolen from unlocked room.
Outfield, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8JW
27/07/2017 19:00 - 27/07/2017 19:52
Window forced open.
Fengate Close, Peterborough, PE15AR
Entry via an unlocked door. Offenders have then stolen various items and left via unlocked door.
 Stamper Street, Peterborough, PE39JS
28/07/2017 18:25 - 29/07/2017 01:40
No forced entry, various electrical items stolen.
High Street, Eye, PE6 7UX
29/07/2017 16:30 - 29/07/2017 16:30
The property was left with all doors and windows locked and alarm activated.  Alarm sounded so offender wasn’t in the property for very long.
Hinchcliffe, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough, PE2 5ST
28/07/2017 21:00 - 29/07/2017 11:00
Entry via front door that was left unlocked. Cash stolen.

If you have any information regarding these or any other crimes, please contact Police on 101. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Monday, July 31, 2017

Queensgate shopping security lacking as childen play chicken on the top level car park top anti-climb suicide prevention fencing


It looks as if the new owners of the Queensgate Shopping Centre are falling down on the job when it comes to around the clock and at weekends security.

Despite putting a series of screens around the upper levels of the car parks, a group of children/ young persons were seen climbing the upper 10 level fencing of the car park facing the Brewery Tap/ NCP car park on Sunday at around 5pm - within a few yards of the CCTV camera!

It seems to be a dangerous new form of 'chicken' as one child climbs the fence and the rest stand round and cheer him on. The car park entrances were closed and no sign of security.

Clearly this is a known car park for suicides and 'base jumping' deaths, for that very reason fencing and CCTV was installed,  but it does require someone, somewhere to be watching the screens. Clearly that wasn't happening on Sunday. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, July 28, 2017

NW Cambs MP laments failing broadband services ...

The macintosh not good in the rain, but way ahead in its time...
Local Cambridgeshire Conservative MP Shailesh Vara MP has put his signature along with 55 other MPs, the British Infrastructure Group of MPs’ (BIG) latest report, ‘Broadbad (SIC) 2.0’.
The report highlights 14453 broadband connections in North West Cambridgeshire and 6.7 million broadband connections across the UK do not receive speeds above the proposed minimum standard.  It however glosses over successive governments repeated failure to put substantial financial resources behind a widespread intensive broadband rollout although ICT professionals had lobbied MPs long and hard over many years to put matters right, and to properly invest for the future. It mainly fell on deaf ears.
The BIG report fudges the core issue, on tardy public sector investment, by criticising the fact that information is not available on whether poor broadband speeds are due to homeowners being unable to order a faster service or whether the nationally mandated faster internet is simply not available at their property.

It makes no clear distinction between street cabled services, and other forms of delivery and complex bundled up service packages, although Milton Keynes has provided a practical blueprint on how to do it for some 35 years!
The report also looks at customer services and finds what they say is a 'worrying lack of minimum standards.'

Of the major broadband providers, currently in a voluntary agreement with Ofcom, none of the providers, the MPs say, could furnish them with clear information about their complaints procedures, or amounts of compensation that they currently pay to their customers.

Other observers suggest, as these are commercial contractual arrangements, they would be unlikely to provide such confidential information, as it is clearly commercially sensitive, as the MPs should have realised.
Mr Vara and fifty five others are therefore calling on the May Government, Ofcom and broadband providers to urgently improve the quality of broadband customer services. Sadly although offered with good intent, the current Government is likely to kick this report into the long grass ... possibly citing more pressing matters like the some what flagging Brexit negotiations......  
Shailesh Vara MP said: "It is unacceptable that in twenty first century Britain we have such huge disparities in the provision of broadband. Given that the government recognises the enormous importance of technological advances and works on a cross departmental basis to ensure maximum use of modern technology, the proposals in this report are eminently sensible and should receive the government’s very serious consideration."
To read the report in full, visit E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Wednesday, July 26, 2017


The Cambridge 'mis'guided busway has by all accounts been a financial disaster not only for the Cambridgeshire County Council but also the construction firm and designers involved. There is currently a court action to recover some of the cost involved so we won't touch that particular battle, BUT there is a possible remedy which we can borrow from the aerospace industry, and to effectively reskim the entire guided busway, which is two 'L' shaped concrete forms with a spacer in between, providing the wheel road surface and an upright side (like a triple height kerb) against which the side guide wheels (attached to the bus) 'guide' it along the busway.

But what can be done? The problem with any traditional repair is simply sections of the track have to be closed for months on end, and the result cannot be guaranteed.

The suggestion is that by taking a leaf out of the aerospace industry and consulting with a division of Airbus, introducing carbon fibre elements, cast into a long flexible roll of preformed sections, effectively a skin for the existing channels, the material is so flexible that a long section can be rolled up loaded on a track layer and then rolled out along the busway guide sections all secured by a fast setting epoxy mastic, the new profile section only adds an inch to the existing surface and sidewall.

The guided busway need not be closed down as the replacement sections would be rolled out during successive overnight operations and completed sections then immediately ready for the morning rush hour. Any one interested, contact us for the details...we could be saving millions here... E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Monday, July 24, 2017


On one of the hottest days of the year local Peterborough residents in Cardea, Stanground, Fletton, Yaxley, and Park Farm are having to close doors and shut windows as Hanson Brickworks (now Forterra PLC) belches carcinogenic dioxins into the atmosphere at lunchtime today when your infants are outside in the playground..... Are Forterra PLC stakeholders aware of this? They should be told.

Dear Mr Bray
Thank you for your email. I have reviewed the arrangements we have in place at our Kings Dyke facility and am satisfied that we have continued to comply with the relevant requirements:
•          We operate within the limits outlined in our EPR permit.
•          Levels of SO2 in the Whittlesey area comply with the UK Air Quality Strategy – which are the most challenging in Europe.
•          We have ambient air quality stations located in the area to ensure we comply with the UK standards
•          As part of our permit application we were required to submit a health impact study to the Environment Agency.
•          Our plant is operated on a 24/7 basis and there are no differences between weekends and weekdays in terms of emissions.
•          We do not burn waste in our Kilns.
Shatish Dasani
Chief Financial Officer
Forterra plc
5 Grange Park Court
Roman Way
DDI: +44 (0) 1604 707368
Mob: +44 (0) 7710 377766

Thursday, July 20, 2017

MPs call for assurances that Greater Anglia will not close tickets offices



MPs call for assurances that Greater Anglia will not close tickets offices

RAIL UNION RMT has welcomed a motion tabled in parliament by Clive Lewis MP and other MPs calling on Greater Anglia to give assurances that it will not close ticket offices for the duration of its franchise.

The motion says: “That this House is concerned at warnings from the rail unions that Greater Anglia trains wishes to close all but seven of its 64 ticket offices by the end of its franchise; is further concerned that ticket office closures will result in a worse, less accessible service, higher ticket prices, more dangerous stations and non-availability of tickets when ticket machines break down; is dismayed cuts are being considered when fares are going up and the profits from these cuts will go to Dutch State Railway who owns the franchise; and calls for assurances from Greater Anglia that it will not close ticket offices for the duration of its franchise.”

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “We welcome this support from MPs for the campaign to keep ticket offices open on Greater Anglia. If the company have nothing to hide they should now give a categorical assurance that they will not be closing ticket offices while they are in charge of the franchise.”


The motion can be found at: E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .


Luke Pagliaro

Good to see that local lad Luke Pagliaro, is taking a much needed fresh look at Stanground South, with a local Labour team and additionally some residents (who have not signed up for Labour) but are concerned about the skant regard the current bunch of Tory councillors seem to have for the neighbourhood, whilst  'trousering' their greatly inflated allowances and extra cash for some committee work!  

His first newsletter is already out and highlights several issues he's canvassed local residents on. Luke initially intends to cover Cardea, Old Fletton, Park Farm and Stanground.

If  you have yet to get hold of a copy of the newsletter, call him on 07495166769.

The feed back from his canvassing has highlighted Parking on Allen Avenue, its a narrow street and impossible to drive along if vehicles are parked on both sides. Speeding in several locations is also an issue flagged up by Luke. He cites The east end of Oakdale Avenue, Ellwood Avenue and Coneygree Road. 

Pavement parking is also an issue particularly in the lower left hand section of Kedleston Road where a resident habitually parks his/her car totally blocking the pavement. 

The perennial litter menace along the Green Wheel, Park farm also in  Central Square, and Desborough Avenue, Peterborough Road,  and Fletton High Street are all topics of concern and Luke wants to hear of some more.

Working with his team, he aims to assist local residents and to put pride back into our neighbourhoods. Luke is immediately organising a series of litter picks.

His contact numbers are 07495 166767 and the email is  

We wish him and his team the best of luck. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .





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Editorial policy: WE DON'T CENSOR NEWS, we will however come down hard on lawbreakers, all forms of ASB - Anti Social Behaviour, and anyone or group who seek to disturb or disrupt our neighbourhoods and communities, or in anyway abuse, take unfair advantage or financially disadvantage our citizens. We support the Park Farm Neighbourhood Watch and digitally carry the messages from this independent Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

We are openly but constructively critical of all political parties (actual and sham), pressure groups, overbearing 'jobsworths' and those who seek to waste public funds, abuse public office, ramp up expenses, BUY VOTES and/or engage in any form of directed or robotic voting.

Whilst accepting that many in Public Office perform a valuable service and make a worthwhile contribution, there are others who are frankly rubbish. Although Julian Bray is the editor, there are several Blog administrators / correspondents who actively contribute by remote transmission to this blog.

So it could be some days before the copy (content) is seen by the Editor and properly formatted. We consider all representations and correct any facts that are clearly deficient.


THE HIGH COURT has ruled....People have a right to lampoon and criticise politicians and public officials under the Human Rights Act, the High Court has ruled.

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Derivatives: lampooner noun lampoonery noun lampoonist noun Origin: mid 17th century: from French lampon, said to be from lampons 'let us drink' (used as a refrain), from lamper 'gulp down', nasalized form of laper 'to lap (liquid).


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A journalist:

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12 Avoids plagiarism The NUJ believes a journalist has the right to refuse an assignment or be identified as the author of editorial that would break the letter or spirit of the code.

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