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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Cambridgeshire and Peterborough residents will be delighted that following an intervention by the Peterborough Tribune, in the form of a long detailed letter to the PCC Planning Committee, supporting the planning application for a muti-screen IMAX cinema in the Queensgate; planning permission was subsequently granted, only to be challenged by the promotors of New North Westgate (possibly egged on by Stewart Jackson MP) so it went for a full high court legal tussle.  

The Judge has now ruled the Queensgate scheme can go ahead.  The legal hearing underlined the somewhat spurious nature of the New North Westgate scheme but clearly underlined the importance of the Broadway Theatre and Cinema in attracting many thousands to the City of Peterborough ( during the well promoted Bill Kenwright seasons) and City centre businesses all reported record business.

The Broadway as it originally was the ODEON ,,,

The Broadway is in danger of being lost, under threat from its current owner (who paid very little for it as a distress sale) and a blinkered council leader who does not see the huge asset the space could be to the City in the right hands. 

Mr Fasulo  meanwhile wants to turn the art -deco cinema/theatre into a block of premium privately owned flats ( and NO affordable flats in the current scheme). This timeline highlights some of his other projects.

The loss of this important 1,000 seat auditorium will condemn the City of Peterborough being denied major live 'west -end' style touring productions,  but just left with the small  'Dog & Pony' shows applicable to small audiences and tiny provincial theatre spaces.

The council boasts that it is attracting businesses (well shed based business anyway) and inter-alia encouraging massive new housing starts. It would seem only logical that with its rapidly growing population, as it currently has access to a 1,000 plus auditorium in Central Peterborough it should figfht tooth and nail to hold onto the Broadway,  be acquired by the council for the City, and any attempts to grant planning permission for a series of high end flats (and NO AFFORDABLE HOUSING) should be thrown out.  Mr Fasulu acquired the BROADWAY at a nominal valuation, as a theatre/cinema.  

This is part of the Peterborough Tribune submission:

We would submit there is no valid reason for not applying a like logic in approving the ‘shovel ready’ Full Planning Application 15/01013/FUL Queensgate Shopping Centre, Westgate, Peterborough, and its proposal for a small multiplex cinema. The cinema proposed will have little or no bearing on the North Westgate future development as it already has a well defined audience sustained by regular TV campaigns attracting footfall to the City Centre and thus a positive benefit for any completed Phases of the North Westgate scheme.

47.   Without a vibrant Queensgate Shopping Centre producing day on day substantial financial revenues for the City Council, the council deficit would be clearly much larger and continue to grow. The QSC has new owners who are well resourced, know this region well, employ hundreds of local people, they are securely funded and are considerably improving and renovating an ‘elderly’ shopping centre, in our view a valuable City centre core asset, sadly neglected by its previous owners, who decided Peterborough had no future, as the High Speed Railway was routed through Birmingham where they now operate from. It would be commercial suicide by the City Council not to nurture and encourage new business and create new opportunities. To cave into the style of ‘threats’ contained within the Saville letter, would show to prospective Times Top 100 companies, that they too would meet objections from Savill, Bristol on behalf of their client if they also dared as QSC is seeking to do, to increase the attractiveness of their retail or presentational offer in the City Centre,  Other potential new business would soon be aware of the QSC Cinema Planning decision, if only that Saville Bristol will use it as a case history promoting their mantra:

48.  “Economic and policy conditions continue to put pressure on the profitability and deliverability of development projects. Viability appraisals and evidence are increasingly becoming the key to unlocking constraints and bringing forward development. Our main goal is to help clients de-risk affordable housing within schemes and deliver financially viable planning consents….”  Savill Website

 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Friday, July 22, 2016


The way we were......

RMT to ballot on Virgin East Coast over growing threat to jobs and safety

RMT ISSUES STATEMENT: This is the full version unedited as sent out by RMT.

RAIL UNION RMT today confirmed that it has declared a dispute with Virgin East Coast and will open a strike ballot next week over a threat to jobs, working conditions and safety.

The dispute has been brewing for some months now but has come to a head as the company has chosen to ignore the agreed negotiating machinery and subjected staff to a barrage of direct propaganda justifying their attempts to bulldoze through a package of cash-led measure that would decimate jobs, working conditions and threaten the safety regime that currently ensures a guard on every train.

RMT is aware of talk within the industry that Virgin/Stagecoach seriously overbid for the East Coast franchise when the publicly-run service was kicked out despite being hugely successful. It is thought that VTEC’s incompetence means that they are losing a fortune every week and are now looking to hack back on the staffing budget to try and prop up their position.

From day one, RMT has asked the company to give us assurances on 6 main points:

1.         Redeployment and protection agreements will be adhered to at all times.

2.         There will be no compulsory redundancies.

3.         A safety-critical guard will be present on every train.

4.         Confirmation of establishment staffing numbers.
5.         TUPE to be adhered to

6.         Rates of pay to be protected

Those assurances have not been forthcoming, the union has been ignored and accordingly RMT National Executive Committee has been left with no other option than to enter into a dispute situation to protect our members.

Ballot papers will be distributed from Tuesday, July 26th and the ballot will close on Tuesday, August 9th. The ballot will involve nearly 2000 VTEC staff across all grades.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“RMT is aware that VTEC management are putting out regular propaganda messages to their employees, to justify the company`s attempts to attack job security, terms and conditions of employment and current working practices. In response to company propaganda, RMT’s view is clear. Long-standing agreements between our two organisations dictate that the company must negotiate with RMT, as a recognised trade union to those agreements, yet the company say these changes are a consultative process. That is simply not true. Any changes to staff  terms and conditions are negotiable matters.

“The company have chosen to treat the negotiations as a game thus far, merely going through the motions of pretending they did not yet know what their plans entailed. To behave like that is to treat the union and its members with pure contempt.

“RMT will not sit back while our members jobs, conditions and safety are threatened by a franchise which is clearly in financial trouble. Our members will not pay the price for a crisis cooked up in the Virgin boardroom. The ballot is on and the union remains available for talks.”

 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Julian Bray writes: Peterborough residents will have read about the very sad and money minded latest attempt to deny the rapidly growing number of City of Peterborough new residents access to a proper size 1,200 seat theatre,  capable of taking in large touring and West End productions.

The Broadway was acquired as a distress sale by Mr Fasulo when Peter Boizots Mistvalley Ltd company, was put into liquidation, and all the Peterborough operations Broadway, Gastons, Miss Pears, Great Northern Hotel and in London Kettners of Soho wound up, and the properties sold/ disposed to meet company debt.  

Within weeks of opening, The 1,200 seater Broadway Theatre and full West End big screen Cinema was originally offered to the Peterborough City Council who turned it down, fearing the Key would suffer... waiting in the wings was Mr. Fasulo who picked it up for a 'peppercorn', with an eye of turning it into a supercasino.

That idea was knocked back. So realistically if the original distress sale documents can be produced, and the council offered say £900,000:00 based on the current planning permission as a theatre/cinema it would be a viable option, and I suggest return the current owner a substantial profit, who then in turn would then be finally recognised and remembered by the City as positively contributing to its future and able to give up being so reclusive!

The Stage report below catalogues the troubled history, but what isn't known is that Boizot was set to close the theatre within weeks of it originally opening when the Ambassadors Theatre Group, in a long detailed letter, said they would not be interested in taking it over.  

Julian Bray who back in the 70's had (alongside other interests) a wine bar in Fulham Road ( as mentioned in the Antonio Carluccio book - Antonio being a regular almost nightly customer of the then Brays Wine Bar ) had earlier met Boizot in the 70's, who had just opened a Pizza Express opposite the Brays Wine Bar in Chelsea. 

A chance meeting many years later in 2001, at Gastons in Peterborough, Peter Boizot said he was having second thoughts on the theatre/cinema venture, but Julian Bray persuaded Boizot on the spot, to give it another go, and keep the theatre open for six months, with Julian hired on a personal consultancy deal with the great man. Julian having worked with other London theatres, producers and directors. 

The deal done in Gastons, the adjoining 'Boizot' pizza and steak grill restaurant, on a paper table cloth and signed by Boizots in his traditional green ink pen. Within weeks the cinema had a deal with an Independent film booker to show the first Harry Potter film and a regular slate of WEST END first releases, this greatly upset the multiplex at the time,  the live show programme rapidly filled with visiting producers, playing to full houses, 1,200 seats filled. Top names managements trusting the venue to keep to its side of the contracts. Trust in the theatre business is vey important, word gets around very quickly.

On the opening week of the first Harry Potter film, Gastons Pizza Restaurant turned over £23,000.00. On the first screening of the Harry Potter film during the interval some £ 3,500.00 worth of sweets, popcorn, Ice Cream and Cola was sold in just 20 minutes.

Unfortunately what was not known at that early time was that the company Mistvalley Ltd (Sole Director P. Boizot) had substantial money problems. The well had run dry. Boizot having sold his embryonic Pizza Express chain (but keeping Kettners of Soho) had poured literally millions into the Peterborough Football Club and he lamented 'Barclays Bank has a further one million of his money as a surety'. 

The onerous commercial securities secured on properties, all arranged by his nephew Matthew (son of Boizots sister)  were abruptly called in, along with Kettners in Soho being visited by Bailiffs over unpaid back rent owing to the landlord,  non other than the strip king Paul Raymond, who owned just about all of Soho.

The point of all this is simply The Broadway Theatre Peterborough is not only commercially viable, but a huge financial and commercial asset to this City, but it has to be ruthlessly marketed. Bill Kenwright has shown the way....

Bill Kenwright used television, bus sides, newspaper and billboard advertising to trumpet his seasons of back to back live theatre productions. The advertising also did what the council has failed to do for years, broadcast and attract huge new audiences TO THIS CITY.

Peterborough as a destination City is back! Peterborough exists, for those brief seasons Bill Kenwright put Peterborough firmly on the map.

Without the Broadway seasons, we would not have attracted thousands of extra people daily into the City Centre and the setting up of some of the leading chain restaurants. Imagine what is likely to happen IF the councillors agree to give the current owner a change of use?

The flats look like something knocked up in East Germany, on an estate near Erfurt to be precise. That whole end of the Broadway will be lost and Peterborough will be known by potential business directors as a place to avoid, as it cannot even sustain a 1,200 seat theatre. ....for its thousands of employees seeking to move into the area.

With a modest budget and working with producers such as Bill Kenwright, the Broadway open six days a week for live performance and possibly an Asian Bollywood Cinema on Sundays (as is tradition) the Broadway will finally come into its own and be a huge asset for this City.

Julian Bray and others will be putting a formal objection in to the change in planning permission as to change the use of this valuable theatre cinema with its original Odeon Art Deco auditorium to what is a lash up of retaining the existing new build frontage and new build dressing room block at the back of the plot trashing the auditorium, destroying the art deco interior is to use Steve Potts expression 'tragic.'   

It seem the council can throw substantial money, many millions at a football pitch and part stadium and a questionable off shore commissions for the Fletton Quays development, but when it come to providing entertainment and cultural relaxation, although Gillian Beasleys new chums in Cambridge can sustain four theatres, all we can do is run a 400 seat provincial Key Theatre, but even that goes dark during the high revenue earning Summer months, as its turned over to endless months of childrens activities...   Simply if Bill Kenwights acts as anchor visiting producer, filling up the remainder and possibly creating a resident company of actors. This will greatly add to the cultural aspirations of this City, might event put a dent in the budget debt as well! 


Bill Kenwright’s theatre company has hit out against a “tragic” plan to convert Peterborough’s Broadway Theatre into luxury flats. Reports THE STAGE Newspaper

The venue has been mostly dark since its closure in 2011 but has staged two seasons of work by Bill Kenwright Limited – one in 2013 and another over the 2015 festive period, finishing in January 2016.

But owner Rinaldo Fasulo has now commissioned DT Architects to design the theatre’s conversion into a block of 56 apartments – dubbed Broadway Roof Gardens.

The designs have not yet been submitted as a planning application, but the theatre is currently on the market for a new buyer who could take on the building with planning consent or apply for a new plan.

Bill Kenwright Limited executive director Steve Potts said it would be “tragic” for Peterborough to lose the theatre, and claimed BKL would “certainly return if there was the right opportunity”.

He said: “The Broadway has huge potential as proven time and again by BKL’s productions and indeed its seasons there. But without the Broadway either being owned by the City of Peterborough or run in partnership with a theatre operator, there is only so much one producer can do.”

Potts said in 2015 that BKL had no plans to buy the theatre, but that he would “love to see it open full time”.

In his statement about the conversion attempt, Potts said he’d be “surprised and disappointed” if the change of use was given planning permission.

The Broadway Theatre closed in 2011 after then manager Paul Coxwell led the venue into financial difficulty, leaving producers and suppliers owed “several hundred thousand pounds”.

In August 2014, Coxwell was convicted of fraud and breaching court orders, and sentenced to more than three years in jail.

Fasulo could not be reached for comment at the time of publication. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Thursday, July 14, 2016



Hanging on the telephone??? No, its our Stewart on a globe trotting fact finding mission....

UPDATE A week is along time in politics, and we are truly delighted to report, that possibly as a result of our lament about Stewies uncertain future (this blog is read by many commentators on the Westminster bubble) the MP for Peterborough (well part of it) has found a cushty PPS role in the new Ministry for Brexit, he will be the parliamentary bag carrier for David Davis, the Minister for Brexit. Perhaps Stewart will grow in to the role, but he'll have to start communicating with people, unblock the thousands on twitter ( including us)  and undertake long haul overseas trips all expenses paid for by parliament ( Oh nothing new then! See picture above)  

At the same time we hear that Shalesh Vara the MP for the rest of Peterborough, has lost his role at the Ministry for Justice and returned to the back benches. We always thought Shailesh Vara to be a hard working MP, and no doubt he'll be back on the front benches before long...  

Spare a thought (well just a brief one) for an ex local bank manager Stewart Jackson MP, (CON, Peterborough) sitting by the publicly funded telephone/iphone forlornly waiting for the call from the new Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Theresa May MP, she of the 'kitten heels', the very tough, long serving Home Office Minister, who once called the Conservatives 'the nasty Party', and pin up of the Police Federation - a call that sadly (for Stewart) may never, ever, come;  Stewart backed another ex 'banker' Mrs Leadsum, who some say 'blinged' up her banking CV. Whatever was she thinking?

Still looking on the bright side, joining him on the back benches, is none other than Gideon! Oh, should explain you know him as George Osborne (family firm Osborne & Little - purveyors of uber expensive wallpaper and paints for wealthy Arabs to bling up their properties.. )

Apparently Gideon was bullied at private school, so dropped his given name at aged 9, and opted for being known as ... George. Not so certain about Stewarts schooling, but if it was private, the family might consider a refund?...Who knows.

The sad fact is Stewart, bills himself 'the MP for Peterborough' but in reality, his 'manor' only covers the rougher part of the City, so the rest of us are lumped into NW Cambridgeshire and Shailesh Vara MP (no news so far of his future...)

Expect the Cameron/Osborne 'old guard' to be wiped out, joining our Stewart on the now overcrowded back benches...possibly sitting next to Michael Gove, Savid Javid (?), Nicky Morgan, John Whittingdale, Jeremy Hunt(?), Oliver Letwin,  also swiftly airbrushed to political oblivion?

Looking down at the backs of the government Front Bench, which by the end of today could see many more female MPs picking up 'red boxes' we clearly live in interesting times....

And finally, congratulations to my colleague, Joey Jones the ever popular ex Sky political correspondent, who takes up a major communications role inside 10 Downing Street. A good move. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


GPs who suspect a child has diabetes should send them to hospital on the same day, a watchdog has said.

GPs who suspect a child has diabetes should send them to hospital on the same day, a watchdog has said.

  • A nurse carries out a diabetes test

    GPs who suspect a child has diabetes should send them to hospital on the same day, a watchdog has said.

  • The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) issued new guidance saying children and young people should see a specialist immediately if a GP suspects the condition.

  • Every week 4,500 people are diagnosed with diabetes across the UK, and there are more than four million people living with the condition.

  • Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body cannot produce insulin. It affects one in 10 people with diabetes and usually occurs in children or young adults.

  • Type 2 diabetes happens when the body does not produce enough insulin and is linked to lifestyle factors such as being obese.

  • Diabetes can lead to serious consequences such as sight loss, limb amputation, kidney failure and stroke.

  • In the new guidance, Nice said GPs should refer children to hospital on the same day if they suspect they have Type 1 or 2. Latest figures show there are more than 500 youngsters living with Type 2 in England and Wales.

  • Around 26,400 children and young people have Type 1 diabetes.

  • The guidance says those with Type 1 should also be offered intensive insulin therapy to help them keep blood glucose levels as close to normal as possible.

  • Professor Gill Leng, deputy chief executive of Nice, said: "Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can be a very difficult disease to manage for children and young people and their families, with a huge impact on their daily lives."

  • She added: "We know that reaching and maintaining near normal blood glucose levels is difficult, but it reduces the tissue damage caused by high blood glucose, and so may avoid the long-term health problems caused by diabetes.

  • "Diabetes teams should provide all the help that children and young people need to stay as healthy as possible, including psychological support through access to mental health professionals with an understanding of diabetes."

  • Dan Howarth, head of care at Diabetes UK, said: "We welcome this quality standard from Nice for children and young people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. It is vital that, from the very beginning, children with diabetes get the appropriate care and support they need to be able to successfully manage their condition."

  • Source: Press Association
 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Friday, July 08, 2016


Library picture


LINK: localities throughout the UK

There has been a lot of noise, tub thumping and chatter over the setting up of a community radio station for Peterborough.

Well, if anyone is seriously interested Ofcom have opened the book for applications, but be quick, as the current 'window' closes on Tuesday October 25th, and it is for AM ie Medium Wave transmission.

This is the only offer currently on the table from Ofcom.

If anyone, however plausible, suggests different, or taps you up for a cash donation or use of your facilities, think again. Its not likely to happen....

Ofcom is inviting applications for community radio licences serving:

London and other areas within the M25 motorway, broadcasting on either FM or AM (medium wave);
localities throughout the UK but excluding London and areas within the M25, broadcasting on AM (medium wave) only.
Both documents include information for applicants on how Ofcom will assess the applications, and details of the funding restrictions that apply to community radio stations.
Applicants have also been provided with guidance on the challenges and advantages of broadcasting on the AM band.
The closing date for applications is 5pm on Tuesday 25 October 2016.
   E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Thursday, July 07, 2016

News publishers warn that billions in public money hidden from scrutiny via Local Enterprise Partnerships

Local Enterprise Partnerships must be covered by local government transparency rules and the Freedom of Information Act to prevent billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money being hidden from public scrutiny, the News Media Association has said today.

LEPs, which are voluntary partnerships between local authorities and businesses, are to receive £12 billion in public funding between 2015 and 2020 to invest in local projects and businesses.

But the NMA has said most LEPs only make headline information available, making it difficult for journalists and members of the public to scrutinise how investment decisions are being made.

In a submission to a government consultation on local government transparency rules, it said there were 19 LEPs that failed to publish either a breakdown of income and expenditure in their annual reports or filed either dormant or highly abbreviated accounts at Companies House.

Lucy Gill, NMA legal, policy and regulatory affairs advisor, said: “LEPs wield immense power, making investment decisions worth billions of pounds to local communities, yet journalists have enormous difficulty getting hold of even basic information about how this money is being spent.

“As the role and resources of LEPs expands, there can no longer be any justification for excluding them from local government transparency standards and the Freedom of Information Act.”

Full story: E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .


JUST FANCY THAT!  THE PCC HUSH, HUSH, BLUE SKY COMPANY STILL exists see sign just above blue shirted man.....

Read and weep whilst the Peterborough City Council plays chicken with the 'grass cutting' rota, and councillors 'are according to the local newspaper' allegedly thumping each other' AND in the Chamber too!

Those attending the LGA Conference - some 1,300 council leaders, councillors, officers and national politicians  - should know that as they knock back the cocktails Peterborough school children are forced to play football on unmaintained council pitches, sinking into 10 inches of uncut grass; or the Green wheel riverside pathways surrounding this once meticulously tended City are likewise rotting and overgrown.

Grass pollen levels are at 'danger' levels for hay fever sufferers...

No sooner had we published this blog, within the hour,  a huge industrial gang mower appeared outside Trib Towers, and has rough mown the entire 1/2 mile Green Wheel grassway alongside the River Nene and Park Farm, Stanground.


Meanwhile, a whole bunch of council employees and contractors are living it up in posh Bournemouth Hotels, knocking back the G&Ts with gusto...whilst swanning around at the Local Government Association Conference Annual beano ,held  over several days in sunny Bournemouth at the swanky Conference Centre.... 

Especially in light of the Grass cutting debacle; note - in the Conference picture above - the headline AVOID SERVICE CUTS and the mysterious 'Blue Sky Company, has reappeared. A company seemingly owned by the Council, but so far we cannot find the report and accounts...

Now consider this conference is only open to other local authorities, fee paying members of the LGA, so why on earth while the PCC pleads poverty, and a massive failure to manage its debt laden budget, has the prospect of moving into offices that are already too small, and dumping its confidential data on to the Amazon owned $$$$$$$$ computer service in the USA, would they choose to trumpet this, knowing that we'd pick up on it?

Perhaps the PCC would like to publish the budget for this inward looking junket? (Probably about the same amount 'saved' by not cutting the grass!)  Then get back to cutting the grass......

The LGA uses its Annual Conference to launch its ‘What next for devolution’ consultation to carry out a national debate about how to ensure the right powers are devolved to local government and communities.

Lord Porter, LGA chairman, said: “The vote to leave the EU is the most important decision that the British people have made in generations and will have a big impact on local government and our communities.

“Now that the British people have voted to part company with the EU, it is vital that we avoid powers or funding which affect local government getting swallowed up in Whitehall. Over the last year, more powers and funding have been given to local areas. The referendum result and the political uncertainty that has followed must not see that process stall or go backwards.

“Councils need to be involved from the outset in deciding how EU laws affecting local services are replaced and given the power to run them the way we think is best for our communities. Local government must have a seat at the negotiating table.”

The LGA’s Annual Conference took place between 5 -7 July at Bournemouth International Centre.

So that's OK then?

You really could not make this stuff up! E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Sunday, July 03, 2016

The Peterborough Heritage Festival Day 2 Sunday 3rd July. lots to see and do the City Centre. Sponsored by Perkins  .....

and invading Vikings put quickly to the sword....
 E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581


Saturday, July 02, 2016

A Labour Councillor admit guilt over chamber 'dust up'

Some early reports suggested two councillors from different Political parties were involved, but we are now unable to conclusively establish this.... 
Peterborough City Councillor (after a 'dust up' in the Council Chamber) has formally accepted guilt of offences, and variously been served with and accepted a Conditional Caution and/or a Community Resolution. The councillor join a list of current and former Peterborough City Councillors to grace the datasets of the Police National Computer. But what is involved and why is it really not a good idea, without first taking criminal legal advice to accept a caution or community resolution even if police say it isn't a conviction? This is a brief inconclusive guide, but it is always best to get criminal legal advice before taking the Caution or Community Resolution.   

Conditional Caution

Who is it issued by and how can I contact them?

Conditional cautions can only be authorised by the CPS Crown prosecution Service who then grant authority to the police to issue – contact the administering force.

Does it involve guilt?

Yes – you are asked to sign a document confirming your admission to the offence as well as details of the offence, informed consent and the conditions of the caution.

Is it recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC)?

Yes (especially if it relates to a recordable offence).

Is it classed as a conviction?

No.  (But it has to be disclosed when travelling to the USA as it is considered never spent and in addition a full VISA must be applied for and approved prior to travel. [Waiver and ETA programs are not available].

How long will it be on my record?

Information is retained on the Police National Computer even after it has become spent. In effect the conditional caution is a suspension of prosecution but if conditions are not complied with a prosecution may well go ahead. Also spent cautions can be used in future criminal proceedings as evidence of character.

When does it become spent?

Three months from the date of issue (or when it ceases to have effect, if earlier).

When do I have to declare it?

Conditional cautions now fall under the protection of the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act so you don’t have to disclose unless it is for an occupation which is an exception to the Act, like working with children.

Is it disclosed on DBS checks?

Yes, it is disclosed by both the standard and enhanced checks, unless it is eligible for filtering. It will not be disclosed on a basic check.

What guidance is there on fair process?

Do I have the right to appeal and what is the process?

By signing the document which gives your informed consent, you are accepting the caution and so there is no formal appeal route.

If you wish to complain about the decision or how the case was handled you need to make a complaint to the Chief Constable or Commissioner of the administering force.

What are the implications for life in the community?

Conditions attached can be reparative, rehabilitative or (in rare cases) punitive – see CPS guidance. It is not a criminal conviction but it does form part of a criminal record so you will sometimes have to disclose when asked by employers, particularly before it is spent. It will not affect your chances of getting a mortgage. You do not need to disclose it to insurers once it’s spent.



Who is it issued by and how can I contact them?

Issued by the police – contact the administering force.

Does it involve guilt?

Yes – you have to make a clear and reliable admission.

Is it recorded on the Police National Computer (PNC)?

Yes (if it relates to a recordable offence).  A facility is available on the PNC which allows an entry to be recorded which does not constitute a ‘criminal record’ but is accessible for police information.

Is it classed as a conviction?


How long will it be on my record?

Although a community resolution order does not result in a criminal record, the information is still recorded on the PNC and can still be used and taken into consideration if further offences are committed.

When does it become spent?


When do I have to declare it?

It isn’t a caution or a conviction, so isn’t formally covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974.

Is it disclosed on DBS checks?

Not on a standard check.  BUT It might be disclosed as part of an enhanced check in the ‘relevant information’ section, i.e. the offence has a bearing on the kind of work you are applying for.  

Do I have the right to appeal and what is the process?

There is no formal process for rescinding a community resolution order once it has been administered.  If you wish to complain about the decision or how the case was handled you need to make a complaint to the Chief Constable or Commissioner of the administering force.

Each police force should be willing to receive requests for community resolution orders to be ‘expunged’ as part of their ownership as Data Controllers of the PNC.  

However, this is only done in exceptional circumstances, particularly where a significant amount of time has passed since receiving the community resolution order.

Other information

A ‘community resolution’ resolves a minor offence or anti-social behaviour incident through informal agreement between the parties involved, as opposed to progression through the traditional criminal justice process.

It is primarily aimed at first time offenders where:-
  • there has been an admission of guilt
  • the victims views have been taken into account
Community resolution allows police officers to make decisions about how to deal more proportionately with low-level crime. E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581






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THE HIGH COURT has ruled....People have a right to lampoon and criticise politicians and public officials under the Human Rights Act, the High Court has ruled.

We have the full High Court judgment, saved as a page on here. l

ampoon (lampoon) Pronunciation: /lamˈpuːn/ verb [with object] publicly criticize (someone or something) by using ridicule, irony, or sarcasm: the actor was lampooned by the press noun a speech or text lampooning someone or something: the magazine fired at God, Royalty, and politicians, using cartoons and lampoons.

Derivatives: lampooner noun lampoonery noun lampoonist noun Origin: mid 17th century: from French lampon, said to be from lampons 'let us drink' (used as a refrain), from lamper 'gulp down', nasalized form of laper 'to lap (liquid).


NUJ Code of Conduct

The NUJ's Code of Conduct has set out the main principles of British and Irish journalism since 1936.

The code is part of the rules and all journalists joining the union must sign that they will strive to adhere to the it.

Members of the National Union of Journalists are expected to abide by the following professional principles:

A journalist:

1 At all times upholds and defends the principle of media freedom, the right of freedom of expression and the right of the public to be informed

2 Strives to ensure that information disseminated is honestly conveyed, accurate and fair

3 Does her/his utmost to correct harmful inaccuracies

4 Differentiates between fact and opinion

5 Obtains material by honest, straightforward and open means, with the exception of investigations that are both overwhelmingly in the public interest and which involve evidence that cannot be obtained by straightforward means

6 Does nothing to intrude into anybody's private life, grief or distress unless justified by overriding consideration of the public interest

7 Protects the identity of sources who supply information in confidence and material gathered in the course of her/his work

8 Resists threats or any other inducements to influence, distort or suppress information and takes no unfair personal advantage of information gained in the course of her/his duties before the information is public knowledge

9 Produces no material likely to lead to hatred or discrimination on the grounds of a person's age, gender, race, colour, creed, legal status, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation

10 Does not by way of statement, voice or appearance endorse by advertisement any commercial product or service save for the promotion of her/his own work or of the medium by which she/he is employed

11 A journalist shall normally seek the consent of an appropriate adult when interviewing or photographing a child for a story about her/his welfare

12 Avoids plagiarism The NUJ believes a journalist has the right to refuse an assignment or be identified as the author of editorial that would break the letter or spirit of the code.

The NUJ will fully support any journalist disciplined for asserting her/his right to act according to the code

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(As modified at Delegate Meeting 2011)