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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Peterborough City Council: Pop goes the Weasel and Play Your P45 Cards Right!

When you consider how many Peterborough City Council services have been outsourced, or simply cut back, closed or like the local link buses on our streets will vanish from October. This contraction has yet to touch upon the grossly inflated salaries enjoyed by some PCC officers, bearing no relation to the economic state of the country generally. We also find it strange that some salary grades for essential growth services are less valued than regulatory functions that involve little more than following a  commercially sourced computer program, and pitching up to a few meetings.

We've highlighted in red some of the functions, that can be axed with little or no impact on front line services and possibly make those higher up the pay scale work a little more efficiently..

We have also highlighted in green the functions needing to be upgraded and taken more seriously. Perhaps then we can get the winter bus network back on the road and the meals on wheels services re-instated?

The published salaries are a bit of an eye opener, and you may equally well consider that a few listed below are are underpaid whilst others are literally coining it in, Several names on here would not last three months in a commercial environment. Sounds harsh? Well no. If a commercial firm loses money, it goes out of business, and people are sacked. If things don't work (eg: Fountains, Freemans solar panels)  people are sacked or jobs reviewed and terminated, not paid even more to fix it!.   If people are rubbish at their jobs, they also get sacked but seemingly not in the public sector, they get moved, possibly sideways.  See how many you can pick out....and work out if they are worth it...  Play your own P45 cards right. Higher or Lower??

And as for Pop goes the Weasel? The weasel at one time was a small flat iron used by hand cut tailors, as part of the suitmaking process. Once used, it would be sent to the pawnbrokers or 'popped' and redeemed once the client had paid for his suit. The process would then start all over again.

Another version is that 'weasel and stoat' is Cockney rhyming slang for "coat", which is "popped" or pawned to visit, or after visiting, the Eagle pub. The late Anthony Newley sung about it once...

Published salaries of senior staff as at 1 July 2013

In line with Peterborough City Council’s open and transparent governance policies, the table below provides details of the salaries of senior management staff who report directly to the council’s corporate management team.

NameJob TitleService area codesFTEFTE pay floorFTE pay ceiling
Gillian Beasley Chief ExecutiveCORP1.0170,000174,999
Sue WestcottExecutive Director Children's ServicesESCS1.0125,000129,999
John HarrisonExecutive Director Strategic ResourcesCORP1.0120,000124,999
Wendi Ogle-WelbournAssistant Director - Strategic Commissioning and PreventionESCS1.0105,000109,999
Paul PhillipsonExecutive Director OperationsENVR1.0105,000109,999
Jonathan LewisAssistant Director - Education and ResourcesESCS1.0100,000104,999
Jana BurtonAssistant Director - Care Services Strategy ESCS1.090,00094,999
Andrew EdwardsHead of Growth and RegenerationPLAN1.090,00094,999
Ricky FullerHead of Strategic Client ServicesCORP1.090,00094,999
Debbie HaithAssistant Director Safeguarding Families and CommunitiesESCS1.090,00094,999
Simon MachenHead of Planning, Transport and EngineeringHIGH1.090,00094,999
Steven PilsworthHead of Strategic FinanceCORP1.090,00094,999
Tim BishopAssistant Director Adult Social Care CommissioningASOC1.080,00084,999
Susan MitchellAssociate Director Public HealthCORP1.080,00084,999
Boika RechelConsultant in Public HealthCORP0.880,000 (actual cost to PCC £65,000)84,999 (actual cost to PCC £69,999)
Adrian ChapmanHead of NeighbourhoodsENVR1.075,00079,999
Glen DenhamHead of Service - Quality Assurance Safeguarding & Principal Social WorkerESCS1.070,00074,999
Kim SawyerHead of Legal ServicesCORP1.070,00074,999
Annette JoyceHead of Commercial OperationsENVR1.058,20064,999
Diane BakerHead of GovernanceCORP1.058,20064,999
Steve CrabtreeChief Internal AuditorCORP1.058,20064,999

Below are Interim Chief Officers. The payments disclosed reflect the amounts paid as invoiced fees and disbursements  to their employing personal service companies, including any introducing fees and commissions. The PCC pointlessly comments "the fees do not necessarily reflect the amounts received by the individuals themselves" The payments relate to the financial year ending 31 March 2013. In fact many of the personal service companies are set up by the individuals concerned who then draw down a minimal tax dividend, rather than a salary, and in most cases actually pay a fraction of the income tax normally payable under PAYE.

Paul TonksInterim Head of Business TransformationCORP106 days from 1 April 2012 to 8 February 201399,094
Jean ImrayInterim Assistant Director - Safeguarding Families & ChildrenESCS59 days from 22 December 201244,822
Paul GrubicInterim Assistant Director - Adult Social CareASOC96 days from 1 April 2012 to 6 September 201292,448
Mike KealeyInterim Head of HRCORP24 days from 1 April 201211,210
Lynn NeeleyInterim Head of HRCORP260 days from 1 April 201298,000
Malcolm NewsamInterim Executive Director - Children's ServicesESCS176.5 days from 1 April to 21 December 2012161,453
Paul StevensonInterim Head of Finance (Adult Social Care)ASOC221.5 days from 1 April 2012145,050
Terry RichInterim Executive Director - Adult Social CareASOC204 days from 1 April 2012203,746
Disclosure of other senior employee salaries not included above. Senior employees as defined by the Code of Recommended Practice for Local Authorities on Data Transparency - paragraph 12.
Gary PerkinsHead of School ImprovementESCS1.080,00084,999
Janet DullaghanHead of Commissioning (Children's Health and Wellbeing)ESCS1.070,00074,999
Lou WilliamsHead of Commissioning, Policy & StrategyESCS1.070,00074,999
Allison SunleyHead of Commissioning Targeted and Preventative ServicesESCS1.070,00074,999
Darryl FreemanHead of Service - R&A and Family SupportESCS1.065,00069,999
Nick HutchinsHead of Finance (SR, CE & OPS)CORP1.065,00069,999
Claire GeorgeHead of Pupil Referral ServiceESCS1.065,00069,999
Jenny GoodesHead of Service - LAC and DisabilitiesESCS1.058,20064,999
Richard HodgsonHead of Strategic ProjectsPLAN1.058,20064,999
Lesley KellySenior School Improvement Advisor (Primary)ESCS1.058,20064,999
Malcolm MasseySenior School Improvement Advisor (Primary)ESCS0.558,200 (actual cost to PCC £30,000)64,999 (actual cost to PCC £34,999)
Nick BeechSenior School Improvement Advisor (Primary)ESCS1.058,20064,999
Jo CottellService Manager - Workforce DevelopmentESCS1.058,20064,999
Iain EastonHead of Service - YOS and Leaving CareCORP1.058,20064,999
Peter GellStrategic Regulatory Services ManagerENVR1.058,20064,999
Kirsty NuttonFinancial Services Manager - Corporate AccountingCORP1.058,20064,999
Vicki PalazonFinancial Services Manager - Budgetary Control and Financial PlanningCORP1.058,20064,999
Andy TattGroup Manager - Transport & EngineeringENVR1.058,20064,999

The number of City Councillors should ideally be culled by one third to reflect the reduction in services required from them due to outsourcing and cutbacks. In any case no councillor above the age of 70 or serving more than three consecutive terms in the same ward should be permitted, it would bring some fresh thinking into what is now a 'party whipped 'rubber stamping exercise. It won't happen of course as only 30% of the electorate can be bothered to voted and the major party machines have wrapped up the postal votes, usually well ahead of the actual May voting date!  

In response to a conversation with a City Councillor earlier today,  the cuts suggested  are designed to show how  public funding can be saved,  and how the remaining staff can effectively divide up the work of those who have departed.

It is clear that little has changed year on year within the PCC high-earners,  and as a result the directorate of the PCC is very top heavy and reflects a time when all the city council services were run and micro managed in house.

Now with SERCO and other service companies on board, there is little for the in house executives to do, and in reality, the high salary earners need to mirror their commercial counterparts by working smarter and harder.

We find it strange that  front line staff such as social workers are well down the feed chain on salaries that realistically need urgently revising upwards. 

Simply put, the knee jerk reaction to childrens services and the recent expensive hires of both Sue Westcott (£129,000) and Debbie Haith (£90,000) is one expensive hire too many. It would be interesting to see the complete monthly day-to-day work diary for each, to see how they justify their time, having already put in place an expensive new childrens services computer management programme.   We still don't seem to have a solicitor in place, after the last one cleared her desk and seemingly vanished overnight! 

The text for today:

PS: The female council employee, on a mid range pay scale, and apparently named above, allegedly engaged in a bout of energetic 'sexting' with a male councillor, would be advised to not do it on her council issued smartphones, and then not to brag about it by passing around the saved screen shot response, at a recent not very well attended festive open air gathering....just sayin'   The images are safe ... so far...

BTW Well done Cllr Gavin Elsey attended 5 out of 4 council meetings according to the PCC website, bet his phone was busy!

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