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Thursday, November 06, 2014

Still time to bid for a piece of BBC TV History - ONline

Still time (SORRY TOO LATE!) to bid for and own a piece of BBC TV History ...
Peaker Pattinson (Auctioneers) Ltd 


Phase 2: Over 2000 Lots - ON-LINE AUCTION DATES:

Auction for BBC due to the closure of Television Centre London

VIEWING: Wednesday 29th October & Monday 3rd November 2014
- By Appointment Only.
At: BBC TVC, Wood Lane, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 7RJ, England.
N.B. No Parking available at BBC TVC

1. Calrec stereo mixing desk, 6x4ft desk complete with 32x IY3677 etc faders, Qty PQ3653 / BQ3655 fader channel controls, MU4524 & MU4435 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies
2. Calrec stereo mixing desk, 6x4ft desk complete with 34x IY3677 etc faders, Qty PQ3653 / BQ3655 fader channel controls, 2x MU4435 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies
3. Calrec stereo mixing desk, 6x4ft desk complete with 32x IY3677 etc faders, Qty PQ3653 / BQ3655 fader channel controls, MU4524 & MU4435 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies
4. Calrec stereo mixing desk, 6x4ft desk complete with 36x IY3677 etc faders, Qty PQ3653 / BQ3655 fader channel controls, 2x MU4435 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies
5. Calrec stereo mixing desk, 6x4ft desk complete with 46x PQ4964 / PQ4965 channel & controls, 2x MU363 monitoring panels, ZN3018 linear power supplies
6. DHD RM3200 digital mixing desk, 8x faders & fader channel controls, RM4200 digital monitoring panel, cables
Qty electronic test equipment inc: HP, Tektronix, Philips, Takeda, Hitachi, Racal Dana, Brandenburg, Thurlby, Videotek, Rohde & Schwarz, Kathrein, Avitel etc oscilloscopes, signal analysers, tracking scopes, video measuring sets, AM / FM test receivers, waveform monitor / vectorscope, eprom erasers, generators / sweepers, modulation meters, digital power supplies, Avometers, solid state HV meters, AC test sets, video noise meters, time code readers, digital multimeters, Navtel protocol analyser, video measurement set, television generators etc
Qty Roland Edirol speakers
Rolec GNS.3 speaker
Fostex 6301B personal monitor speaker
Canford 7361 monitor speakers
Fostex SPA11 amplified speakers
Qty Sony Beta Cam SP UVW-1600P, SP BVW-65P, BVW-22P, SP PVW-2650P video cassette player
Qty Sony Beta Cam SP PVW-2800P, SP UVW-1800P, SP CVR-75 video cassette recorder
Panasonic ASO D650, D750, AJ-D94 Philips AJ-D230H, Thompson A500P, Sony DSR-2000P & DVR-2100 digital video cassette recorders
Tascam 122MKIII cassette player
Denon DN-770R double cassette desk
Qty Sony PCM-R500 & Sony PCM-R700 digital audio recorders
Sony MDS-E12, Tascam MD-350 recorders
Denon DN-04R MD replicator
Sony MDS-JE520 MD deck HHB CDR-830, CDR-800, HHB CDR-882 CD recorders
Studer CDS D731, Denon DN-650F, Tascam CD-401 mkII, Marantz PM03B1, Sony CDP-D11, CD players
Tascam CD-RW750, HHB Professional CDR-850 Plus CD recorders
Akai digital DR4d hard disk recorder
Sony LVA-8000P laser video disc player
Technics SL-BD22 FG servo automatic turntable
Denon DN-780R double cassette decks
Qty Sony MDS-JE320, Technics SJ-MD150, Sony Mini Deck MDS-8539 MD players
Qty various Studer, Revox etc reel to reel tape players / recorders
JVC BD-X200 DVD, Panasonic DMR-ES15, Data Video MP-6000, Sony RDR-HX525 DVD recorders
2x HH Electronics VX-150 high performance power amplifier
Canford utility power amplifier
HH Electronics VX-200 & VX-300 MOS-FET high performance power amplifier
Tascam MX-4 microphone pre amplifier
Technics SV-V2230, Sony TA-FE530R stereo integrated amplifiers
Bittner Basic 300 stereo amplifier
Sherwood AX405-DR integrated amplifiers
Quad 520F power amplifier
Qty KingFlo studio lighting, Arri spot / flood lighting, Polaris Bambino lighting etc
2x MoovinCool portable spot air condtioning units
Qty various Sony, Vinten, JVC etc broadcast cameras, tripods, camera bases, batter packs, lenses etc
Qty JVC, Sony, Panasonic etc CRT monitors, 10 - 20”
Qty mobile storage racks with equipment
Qty Leitch analogue master / slave pulse clocks
Qty Soundcraft, Yamaha, Airmate, Allen & Heath etc stero / digital mixers
Qty Proxima, JVC, Sanyo etc projectors
Large Qty various Dega, Compaq etc network server racks
5x 1800x800mm electronic test benches (some with drawers)
Qty various Foundry FastIron 800, FastIron 1500 network switches, Cisco Catalyst 6500-E network chassis, Foundry FastIron managed switches etc
Qty various cables, XLR audio / power plugs, flight cases, projectors etc
Qty Dell, HP, Compaq, APC etc Intel servers, desktop PC’s, UPS’s, UPS batteries etc
Panasonic KX-BP800 interactive Panoboard
Qty Smartboard interactive white boards
Qty various laptops, Xbox, PS3, cameras, mobile phones, 3D glasses, Blue Ray player, flat screen TV’s / monitors, TV tuners, docking stations etc

Canford single & dual rack mount monitor, Canopus ADVC-700 advanced DV controller
Alesis Midiverb II 16 bit digital effects processor
AMX NI-2000 netlinx integrated controller
Phonebox GPIO interface
Sony DPS-R7 digital reverberator
Fora MV-40F multiviewers
Rane SM26B splitter mixers
Creston Pro2 professional control processor
Yamaha SPX900 & SPX990 multi-effects processor
Tandberg TT1260 receiver
Akai DD1500A ADC / DAC units
ARM 3000 audio matrix status
Nicral NicaX codec systems
CCS CDQ1000 Musicam / G.722 codec
Calrec RQD6400 twin stereo compressor / limiter
Dega PPM loudspeaker & headphone control
Dega 12v dc prompt power supply
Drake DCP3194 TBU 16 way with dial pad
Avid Digidesign 888 audio I/O
Laird LTM_ER4DX digital expander module
RLS presenter unit
Blackbox Serv select
BAL video delay lines
Alpha Image 320S digital video convertor
Express lighting playback controller
Leitch FR-6801 serial distribution panel
Questech 1009 digital pal decoder
Hetec V-switch quad
2x Digidesign audio interface
RLS source matrix selector
Kramar 4044 multi standard processor
Qty Wohler MLH-4 peak meters
RLS Q663 multi input headphone amps
Wohler LM53-4 analogue meter level
Philips LDK 4210 sync pulse generator
Dega Avid input select & audio monitor panel
Snell & Wilcox Kudo chassis
BCD audio presenter headphone base station
Marconi B2022 pal synchroniser
Vistek V4131 pal coder
Tandberg TT1200 IRD MPEG decoder
Tandberg TT1220 MPEG-2 decoder
Sony BVT-800PS digital time base corrector
Kramer VS-11EV video processor
Trilogy Mentor Plus digital SPG/TGG
Trilogy Master Mind SPG change over
ATG stereo PPM monitor
Sony CCU-M5 camera control unit
Dega cage control
VG Electronics teletext processor
Miranda LKS-CPS centralised power supply
Sonifex HY-02 digital & ARM digital adaptive telephone balance units
Network Vikinx A3232, A6464 audio router
Sonifex Redbox RB-DA6 distribution amplifiers
ARC multiple ISDN control
LSC softlink DMX softpatch
3x NVision NV1000 terminal hardware equipment
Qty Canford, BES Electronics, Olson, Dega etc MDU’s, patch panels etc to 12U
VSD sync video slave driver
VS-1 1E1V video processor units
Snell & Wilcox ARC150L aspect radio convertor
Qty BCD audio Bivolt PK60 units
Qty Avitel power supply units with cards
Avitel TRE1039 VITC/LTC time code reader
Evertz time code master, 5010-VITC
Tektronix XLR 216 audio distribution panels
Rane AD228 audio delivery units
Anitel EBU/SMPTE timecode generator, TGE2040
Kramer 8X8 video matrix, VS-88V
Tekniche Crensis 6000 Series A-D convertors
BAL DRX 4701 modular digital interfaces
Philips Series 9000 camera base station
Audio Design Euro power module
Videotek VTM multi-format monitor
Xtel bug burner
Eyeheight FB-1 flexi Panel
Soniflex Redbox RB-ADDA convertor
Black & Burst 405 generator
Drake PD600 UBD radio T/B transmitters
Micron monitoring transmitter
Quartz CP-1604 router select panel
SRL Comms panel mic changeover
Snell & Wilcox IQ modulator
EBBE telephone EMX system
Evertz XX7800FR multi frame
Glensound GS1V-004D power supply units
Leitch FR6804 digital drive
Addreview OSD units
Avitel Truecode processor, TPR 1040K
Snell & Wilcox Magic Dave 3D digital effects system
Gandolf 3000H digital multi-drop bus
Quantel SQ server
Quartz Q6400-SV-6432-AP frame
Philips LDK 4210 sync pulse generator
Vector Electrosonic videowall controller
Audix Broadcast Arm Series telephone balancing unit
Anitel TPR1050K true code processor
Super Dynamic F601-RS stereo limiter compressor
Forg ACC.700 analogue colour corrector
Tektronix TSG-271 PAL television generator
ATG Broadcast Avid control unit
Sony BKE-9600 intelligent drive controller
Glensound IV-004D power supply unit
Vortex VX-1000 Baby Blue ISO/11/G.722 codec
Aeta scoop reporter
Prodys ISDN audio / video compression over ISDN
T.C. Electronic DBMax digital broadcast maximize
Viewcast Niagra Pro video network streamer
RankTaylor Hobson MK3 telecine with equipment & spares, s/n 0867
Match Of The Day curved set back drop, 3m high x 22m long approx
Doctor Who canvas back drop, 3.5m long x 2.5m high approx
1500x1500x1500mm ‘BBC’ white & black cubes
Qty various BBC TVC building signs & name plaques
2x BBC ‘Politics Show’ freestanding screens
Qty various framed celebrity prints, pictures, iconic prints, landscapes, posters, black / white & colour photographs, water colours, maps etc
2x BBC Studio 7 - Contranex analogue pulse clocks with transmission / rehearsal / FP lights
2x BBC Studio 5 - Contranex analogue pulse clocks
Rank Hi-Lyte 250 projector
4x various satellite dishes on Vinten stands
2x STC 4035 microphone, STC PGS microphone in case, 2x AKG D109 microphone in case, 3x Reslo MPD mini dynamic microphone, 2x Reslo CDL 30 ohm dynamic microphone
Cummins 1005DFLC 1256kva generator in soundproof enclosure, V16 diesel engine, PowerCommand Digital Paralleling control, 191 load hours (2004)
FG Wilson P800 800kva generator in soundproof enclosure on skids, Perkins V10 diesel engine, 1500rpm, 1113A (2003)
Colchester Triumph 2000 gap bed lathe, 7.5” CH x 30” b.c., 25-2000rpm with equip, s/n 6/0042/25082
Progress No2 single spindle pillar drill, 13x13” RF table, 36-2570rpm
Gate Milford 12” double ended grinder
Selecta 8” double ended grinder on base
RJH Bandfacer 100mm horizontal belt linisher on extraction unit
Ridgid 1224 powered pipe threader, 120mm capacity
Keetona manual folder, 1/16” x 48” capacity
2000x1000mm metal welding bench with Record No5 vice
8” bench type manual shear
Nederman wall mounted fume extraction unit
Murex Transmig 300 mid welder with Murex Transmatic 162 wire feed
BOC ACP335 A.C. welding unit, 335A
BOC Transarc AC240 welder, 240A
Qty various metal personal lockers, workbenches, aluminium safety steps etc
Contents of maintenance stores (mainly boxed & unused) inc: Trend IQ210, IQ241 controllers, Hartell condensate pumps, Telemecanique control station enclosures, pressure gauges, Black Tekniges air DP transmitters, Electrank floor boxes, ALC LED recessed emergency lighting etc
Siemens, SKF, FAG, Enbray, Apollo, Satchwell, DEB, Remco etc bearings, bearing housings, actuators, motors, valves, sockets, filters, Vee belts, PLC’s, motorised valves, switch monitors, sound control units, lubricants etc
Qty PPE inc: hard hats, face masks, ear defenders, ear plugs etc
Qty Creda, BVC, Trend, Crown, Henry etc electric / oil filled heaters, vacuums, wet & dry vacuums etc
Toyota 7BF15 electric FLT, 1.5t capacity with charger (2007)
Genie Boom Z45 / 22 DRT rough terrain cherry picker, 45ft max lift height, 500lbs SWL
Portastore lockable secure cabin, 10ft x 8ft
2x HPC Plusair ASD32 rotary packaged compressors, 18.5kW, 8 bar with Kaeser Sigma control (2005)
Ingersoll Rand UP5-18-7 rotary packaged compressor, 18.5kW, 7.5 bar (2004)
Smiths Heimnann HS6044SI through feed x-ray machine, 600mm wide belt (2008)
Heimann Hi-Scan 7555i through fee x-ray machine, 650mm wide belt (1999)
750 bags (25kg per bag) PDG de-icing salt on pallets
Electrolux Wascator TT210 industrial washing machine, 8.4kg max load, 12,400W, 1420RPM
2x Electrolux Wascator W375H industrial washing machine, 7.5kg max load, 5800W
Electrolux C240R industrial hydro extractor, 8kg max load, 0.4kW (2005)

Click here to view sale flysheets & catalogues or to register and bid
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