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Sunday, March 22, 2015


The North Westgate development extends from Bourges Boulevard across to Lincoln Road, and from Bright Street on the north side to Westgate at the south.
The North Westgate development extends from Bourges Boulevard across to Lincoln Road, and from Bright Street on the north side to Westgate at the south.

So what is happening here? After countless delays and a campaign to save the Brewery Tap. The Bristolians have struck again. Peter Breach, who used to run a string of coffee shops and now Chairman of west country property developers, the grandly sounding Hawksworth Securities plc, has told city councillors, and now us, that a planning application will be submitted later this spring. Its trumpeted as a £100milllion development (by the PR People ) but has anyone run the financials on Hawksworth? We did.. They recently demolished the Six Bells pub but having second thoughts on The Brewery Tap..... Majority of shares seemingly owned by one extended family.  Now this is what we've found... 

£467,126 Cash at bank
£7,635,110 Net Worth
£4,886,676 Assets
£2,600,803 Liabilities
Latest Accounts 31/03/2014       
Year end 31st March
Next Accounts due 30/09/2015.

Bearing in mind the current dire financial situation the Peterborough council finds itself in and the slash and burn budget mentality of Cllr Seaton plus another £8 billion of austerity cuts promised by the Conservatives if they scrape back in.

Who in their right minds will punt £100 million for a huge all in development? If it was phased then fine, but who is going to stay around as the City North West quadrant ethnic communities are disrupted and effectively torn apart? The City prides itself in having two well supported mosques, no allowance has been made for traffic and pedestrian access around the surrounding areas..

Judging by the way Bourges Boulevard debacle has been working weekday office hours only ... and the £4million overrun on the Fletton Bypass. Did any Cambridgeshire based construction firm get a bid in?  Investors are going to run a mile from a massive £100million investment, but might pony up for a gentle phased development, which of course does not play well for the Dear Leaders election campaign, he needs action now before May 7th or its back to the  hills of Umbria...

 No helped of course by the white handbag wielding Cllr Irene Walsh (CON Stanground Central)  damagingly throwing in the towel. Still with her less than paper thin majority of, wait for it....18, she's effectively gone.. and by all accounts Ray Bisby not going down too well on the doorstep, he's underlining that Stanground money is still bankrolling Cardea initiatives, and the ill thought out Cardea Sports Pavillion which will see Park Farm Pumas paying out (and charging back to parents) increased ground fees, and NOT guaranteed first playing slots, as several outside teams will be invited in and local Cardea residents owning and running the committee.

All this just in time for the Local and General Election, flurries of photocalls, exhibitions and public meetings. Expect to see Marco pouring over blank sheets of paper, wearing a hard hat and a sharp Italian suit.

But back to the Hawksworth plan,at this moment its little more than an MOU Memorandum of Understanding, hundreds of properties first have to be acquired or compulsorily purchased but dead handy to use as Conservative Election fodder! No Marco would never do that!  

Reading the blurb you find that Hawksworth are first to assemble the site, and that of course will mean substantial disruption to many home owners, small businesses, reduce the affordable rental housing stock, whilst the construction is going on and render the north west part of the City as a multifaceted building site but on a grand scale, the proposed development is all along the Bourges Boulevard so just imagine what that will do to the traffic. Be prepared for continuing traffic jams.

As we report above no one seems to have thought about the traffic considerations surrounding our two well supported mosques, as the area seems to have been pedestrianized! It sometime pays to employ architects with local knowledge, than impose hugely disruptive high rental vanity redevelopments on a major part of the City.

Clearly the Brewery Tap in the centre of a building site for a few years isn't conducive to fine dining... we had a chuckle reading the blurb funny how piazza suddenly become PIZZA. Now why  would that be? And in the name of flying lattes what on earth is a "Regional Leisure Quarter"?  Our West Country Bristolians, have a funny idea  of what happens in this Region!

“….. create a new regional leisure quarter in the centre of Peterborough, featuring an attractive piazza and multiplex cinema. These will be surrounded by restaurants, shops, bars and a food hall with a community of apartments and offices above.”

To find out more about the money making scheme visit:

One early element that may cause concern for existing businesses is the assertion from the property men, claiming “….the impact on local residents and businesses will be significant…”, but they do say that they are working closely with companies to ensure that their concerns are voiced and addressed as part of the project. THEN THE COMPULSORY PURCHASES COME IN!

To understand what might happen just consider how well the Council kept businesses in Cathedral Square informed?
Public meetings and exhibitions will be held to share the plans on 29 and 30 April at Westgate Church, with a round table meeting for interested parties on both days at 10am, and the exhibition open to the public from 2pm to 8pm.

E&OE Tel:++44 (0) 1733 345581 (Option: Reportophone enhanced) ISDN COOBE LINK: ++44 (0) 1733 345020 [G722 & ATX Codecs] IPHONE 0743 303145

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