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Friday, April 10, 2015


 Another fine mess....     Picture: Vincent Parker you have until April 20th to register  DO IT NOW!  LABOUR MANIFESTO HERE..

And they're off, the PETERBOROUGH race for one whole year, as a councillor (they all get 'sacked' the following year, as boundary changes kick in!) so mercifully they can do bug*er all damage in the time, as the swingeing budget cuts (decreed by the outgoing band of brigands) will also kick in, the outcome of the slashed down Budget dressed up as debt mountain savings!   And the tumbleweed rolling down a deserted Bridge Street. It happens when you axe most of the supported Public Transport, into and out of the City Centre after 6pm!  DEADSVILLE....

All the new café bars and the few shops didn't know about that when they signed their expensive leases, and invested heavily in the decor.

NO Bill Kenwright west end theatre season to bring in over 2,000 theatregoers a day six days a week to Peterborough, last year, this year or next year! Kenwright said never, never, again.  The bus cuts turning the City Centre into a ghost town, and run down dirty neighbourhoods as virtual prisons for the elderly and infirm.

However some locals are putting on a few one nighters at the blighted Broadway, and as there is nothing on the telly until after May 7th, pop along and enjoy yourself. Here is a link to the  just released Labour Party Manifesto, you'll need something to read as the local library is facing cut backs under #Cereste!

However, back to the poor lonely souls, in fuel poverty, seldom seeing their neighbours, fearful of being hounded out by the bedroom tax, or care home being shut, but they will faithfully fill in, or hand over their  postal voting form as filled in and directed by the one 'kind' person, usually with a rosette, who bothers to see them.

Usually has a tin of biscuits to offer... Because that precisely is how the discredited Postal Voting system around here works. It really stinks!

Few will bother to vote, the percentages are quite low at the polling stations which is a pity, as if you don't cast your vote, then don't complain, as you have no voice.

We can only hope Gillian Beasley and her team will strictly follow the new rules, we suggest they also refuse all bulk deliveries by third parties of these postal forms, and those not individually sealed in envelopes.   

The Police tasked with the Election, and the CPS, can also buck their ideas up as well, and carry out much closer investigation into the whole postal voting debacle. It should not be the right of certain landlords to relentlessly harvest postal votes, and some to ruthlessly dictate who to vote for. It is simply illegal.  

The national slate is equally amusing based on the record of the outgoing MP's, five years as an MP. 

Those candidates that have blocked PBROTRIB from Twitter will understand, why they won't get too far with this process. Best to pack it in now! All the live links to past posts are at the foot of this column, or use the search box top left just key in the name or subject... 

Some amazing omissions and others who having been exposed by the PBROTRIB have possibly seen the light and hastily retired.

Others who think they can brass it out, having trousered huge additional public money allowances. Some councillors not bothering to turn up for core meetings. Scroll back through the PBROTRIB to see who has the Naughty Step Award..    

We also have a few no hopers, some chancers, one recently convicted yobbo, at least fifteen who will do absolutely no work whatsoever, even if pushed. We also have one seriously useless candidate who has not only enjoyed the fat of the land over the previous five wasted years but substantially added it to his girth. Still there are no wrinkles on a balloon, and it deflates quickly...

We see some of the backsliding troughers have called it a day, and we will certainly take full credit for that...            

The candidates standing for election to the next Parliament; and others on a one year term as a councillor for Peterborough City Council have been officially confirmed.

Seven candidates are standing for election as the Peterborough MP (which only covers part of the Unitary Authority)

Chris Ash (Liberal Party)

Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green Party)

Lisa Forbes (Labour)

Darren Fower (Liberal Democrat)

John Fox (Independent)

Mary Herdman (UKIP)

Stewart Jackson (Conservative)

Six candidates are confirmed as standing for election as the MP for North West Cambridgeshire.

They are:
. Fay Belham (Christian Peoples Alliance)

. Nicola Day (Green)

. Peter Reeve (UKIP)

. Nick Sandford (Lib Dem)

. Nick Thulbourn (Lab)

. Shailesh Vara (Cons)

Elections to Peterborough City Council require  20 seats elected into 19 wards. Two seats are available in Stanground Central.

Bretton North

. Ann Chanter-Allen (UKIP)

. Wendy Hirst (Green)

. Stuart Martin (Lab)

. Scott Warren (Cons)

. Rohan Wilson (Lib Dem)

Bretton South

. Andy Coles (Cons)

. Angus Ellis (Lab)

. Michael Fletcher (Ind)

. Sam Gibbons (Green)

. Malcolm Pollack (Lib Dem)


. Alex Airey (Green)

. Mohammed Nadeem (Cons)

. Sabra Yasin (Lab)


. Emily Fisher (Cons)

. Peter O’Dell (UKIP)

. Haggai Odep (Lab)

. Bella Saltmarsh (Liberal)

. Nick Senior (Green)


. Michael Alexander (Green)

. Adam Collins (Cons)

. Mary Herdman (UKIP)

. Sandra Ringler (Liberal)

. Nabil Shabbir (Lab)

Fletton & Woodston

. Alan Dowson (Lab)

. Pedro Faustino (Cons)

. Jon Lloyd (Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts)

. Dusan Obradovic (Independent)

. Ian Tennant (Green)


. Harry Gartside (Cons)

. Charles Swift (Ind)

. Steve Wilson (Green)

. Bonita Yonga (Lab)


. Peter Hiller (Cons) 

. Terry Palmer (UKIP)

. Sarah Wilkinson (Green)

Orton Longueville

. Graham Casey (Cons)

. Rupert Dexter (UKIP)

. Richard Horton (Green)

. Evelina Sidlauskiene (Lab)

Orton Waterville

. Kim Aitken (Cons)

. Colin Honeyman-Smith (Green)

. Iain McLaughlan (UKIP)

. David Weaver (Lab)

Orton with Hampton

. Darren Bisby-Boyd (Green)

. Matt Bliszczak (UKIP)
Sue Johnson (Lab)

. Nigel North (Cons)

. Christopher Wiggin (Liberal Democrat)


. Steve Allen (Cons)

. Fiona Radic (Green)

. Beki Sellick (Lib Dem)

. John Shearman (Lab)

. Graham Whitehead (UKIP)


. Peter Chivall (Lib Dem)

. Roger Proudfoot (Green)

. Bryan Tyler (Cons)

. Sharon Varkalis (UKIP)

. Jonas Yonga (Lab)


. Ed Murphy (Labour and Cooperative)

. David Neville (UKIP)

. Harry Newton (Cons)

. Jo Weedon (Green)

Stanground Central

. Ray Bisby (Cons)

. Nick Capp (English Democrats)

. Marco Cereste (Cons)
. Jon Phillipson-Brown (Green)

. Margaret Thulbourn (Lab)

. John Whitby (UKIP)

. Chris York (Lab)

Stanground East

. Ruth Fiddy (Green)

. Chris Harper (Cons)

. John Thulbourn (Lab)

Werrington North

. Cherry Beeby (Green)

. Judy Fox (Ind)

. Chris Jones (Lab)

. Darren Morley (Cons)

Werrington South

. Andrew Bond (Lib Dem)

. Mick Kennedy (UKIP)

. Vince Moon (Labour and Co-op)

. Paula Thacker (Cons)

. Joseph Wells (Green)


. Wayne Fitzgerald (Cons)

. Karen Lawrence (Green)

. John Myles (UKIP)

. Mohammed Sabir (Lab)

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