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Saturday, May 16, 2015

What now for the City of Peterborough?


Yes, I have to admit it, offered at short notice, a cruise to the eastern med, to try out the newly refitted Explorer of the Seas and impart a bit of history and culture to its shipboard masses, so missed the run up to the General Election and the Local Government Election in Peterborough.

But take heart an extended outwards trip through a very rough Bay of Biscay as the first Port of Call was Bilbao, was probably my penance for not being in place to see the Election carnage unfold, leaving it to BBC World News TV to serve up disjointed UK nuggets in between, shocking news from Nepal and endless Med refugee boat stories and pieces on Indian industry. On other stateroom channels early TOP Gear programmes with Jeremy Clarkson seemingly age 9

Didn't see any refugees by the way, but Spanish border police unexpectedly demanded all non UK passport holders to muster at 6:30am for a snap passport inspection AND STAMPED ENTRY PERMITS FOR SPAIN! Needless to say the Americans were furious. But we do live in very dangerous times, do the Spanish know something that we don't?

I did however call the Peterborough outcome right, with Marco Cereste being dumped and UKIP in Stanground Central ward polling better than Mr Cereste. I will however miss the 'Dear Leader' if only his antics would continue to fill this blog several times over, and made the quest for enlightenment much easier.

Marco never really understood the mechanics of Twitter although he would block anyone with an alternative view to his own, he never really understood, we could still immediately read his ghosted (?) tweets, and who on earth sold him that rapid twitter followers package?

Some of his so called followers were very strange indeed, and from exotic countries too. But when you look back at what has happened, we still have a no overall control council and councillors with very little practical 'complex metropolitan' experience, as Marco called the shots, ran up the bills, and in most cases pulled the robotic voting strings.

We are also faced with a huge debt mountain, and a rapidly escalating slash and burn financial policy to reduce spending and put many basic services at risk.

We really urgently need a Chief Executive with solid financial commercial experience in place. A thorough review of all contracts, re-examination and opening of the books over the last six years, especially where the mantra 'its commercially sensitive' has been routinely trotted out. Mrs Beasley please accept our thanks, and it is time to move on, in the process slashing your Corp. Dept empire by 80 percent. The cock up over the election printing cannot be laid at the distant printers door, either in St Albans or Yorkshire  ( they say on their website, the finishing is done in Yorkshire)

Marco in my view disgracefully saddled the City with so many very long term contracts, as a result most of what passes for the Budget and future Central Government bungs are already spent up and will still be in place long after the baby boomers are pushing up the daisies.

His carcinogenic belching incinerator raining down on future generations and the horrendous not fit for purpose Bourges Boulevard disaster with RMS Titanic style brutal slabs of riveted iron sheets and rootballed saplings is still not finished, and just wait until the overhead footway vanishes overnight and it dawns that Mums with strollers, cyclists, commuters and other weary foot soldiers will have to deal with traffic head on, with drivers equally cursing a string of traffic lights and a 30 mph speed limit. Still the pathway to the Brewery Tap is an improvement.

As Marco tapped up the European Commission cannot lay that totally at his door.

The multi million contaminated soil disaster on Fletton Parkway is however another matter, he's still bleating how could anyone have known? History, Marco, History! Look at what was on site before you came along. The City was a heavy engineering railway town with all that entails.

Until an ICI scientific officer Dr Beeching,  carved up our railways simply by taking out anything that went left to right and right to left leaving a few lines up and down the country. We dug up the photographic proof of the Fletton Parkway soil contamination within a couple of hours. Soil samples, test bores would have confirmed the evidence.

Still he left the Euston Arch for my Dad, a BR Property Board director to knock down years later, over a Bank Holiday weekend before the London Borough of Camden could slap an emergency preservation order on it.  The blocks by the way are in a large garden in Rickmansworth, as part of a water feature.  The Cereste Memorial fountains and small dirty boy wash, with those blocks Marco you could have done so much more, a rock climbing wall perhaps?

Marco sadly let political power go to his head, egged on by a bunch of yes men (and a few women) who should have known better. Its called Public Service but not as we know it.

Still we are also left with Stewart Jackson MP, nursing a slashed majority and a life on the back benches, despite the help the Petertorygraph afforded with weekly star billing and billboards on their rented offices,  but he was saved by the farming community and landowners/ villages on the edge of his constituency.

Hopefully Wacco will have learned a huge lesson of humility, and instead of tilting at overseas windmills, put his talents into actively supporting this City instead of letting Cambridge cream off all the top projects and finance. For heavens sake, we are on a main railway line Stewart! I did tweet and congratulate him on his "victory" hoping that he would finally take the hint, only time will tell - he's got just 5 years.

All in all, very rough times ahead,  and a shattered Labour Party who need to regroup and consider what their 21st Century role is. Clearly Unite will also be rethinking its position. Still you voted and the outcome is now set. Just live with it! You'll have another chance in 12 months time wen we start the local process all over again.... 


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