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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

HORSEY TOLL FARM (Stanground, Park Farm and Cardea affected) NEW WASTE BIO-GAS SITE FOR GERMAN FIRM  Links to original post...

Its been pointed out that Horsey Toll, isn't an incinerator in the Cereste style, Granted, no one said that it was! The Horsey Toll plant digests waste and rotting vegetation, and from it comes a flammable biogas which can be sold on in industrial quantities. When the digester isn't working or down the gas continues to collect, and for safety sake it has to be 'flared' or 'incinerated'  
The planning clearly calls for a flare pipe. 

Read this recent research paper Methane emission factors for biogas flares...
Biogas, produced by the anaerobic digestion of organic material, is primarily a mixture of
methane and carbon dioxide, typically in equal measures.

It may have trace amounts of other compounds, depending on the source organic material. Landfills, sewage treatment plants, anaerobic digesters and manure storage facilities all produce biogas.

Methane Flare Pipe

This gas may be flared, either continuously to reduce the emissions of methane, or intermittently when the energy conversion equipment (e.g., genset, boiler) is not operating.

Landfill gas is often burned in an enclosed flare, or an elevated flare with a wind shroud. In the
agricultural setting, the flare equipment is generally a simple elevated pipe flare, perhaps
equipped with a pilot burner and a wind shroud. The biogas may be provided at low

The Flare Test Facility (FTF) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is a wind tunnel
dedicated to testing flares. For the biogas tests a simple pipe flare was used, 101.6 mm (4
inches) diameter, firing mixtures of natural gas with carbon dioxide or nitrogen. Dilution
levels were 0%-v, 20%-v, 40%-v and 60%-v. The last two levels cover the likely range
for biogas. The emissions were measured and combustion efficiency calculated.

Flares are commonly considered at least 98% efficient if the gas has heat content above
7.5 MJ/Nm3 (200 BTU/scf, a biogas with approximately 20%-v methane, balance inert gas).
Our results show that this heat content threshold is not useful for biogas
(methane/carbon dioxide mixture). Wind produces a significant decrease in combustion
efficiency. The decrease in efficiency is indicated by unburned methane, a strong GHG.
The combustion efficiency and destruction efficiency are correlated with a single
dimensionless factor that incorporates the wind speed, pipe diameter, mass flow rate of
the biogas, heat content (mass-basis) of the biogas, and the flammability limits. Natural
gas/nitrogen mixtures have a separate correlation with the same dimensionless group.

Industrial Combustion
Journal of the International Flame Research Foundation

Article Number 201203, July 2012
ISSN 2075-3071

Methane emission factors for biogas flares

P. Gogolek
Natural Resources Canada,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada      
Clearly had the original full blogpost on here (alerting residents at the eleventh hour - when Cambridge and Peterborough  councillors had sat on their hands hoping to sneak it through during the Election period) been properly read through, it would have been understood.     Simply we went to great lengths to explain the biogas (methane and carbon dioxide)  process, so this this comment should not arise!   The incineration part is the huge permanent flare pipe which essentially 'burns off' 'flares' or 'incinerates' excess methane and other gases ( but not all of it) when the  digester is processing or resting.....    To blandly claim  the plant meet all requirements and that only a couple of traffic movements a day are involved is frankly daft. Who is going to physically count the movements? Remember this plant has to be constantly fed with ....there is no other word for it - CRAP!  Some of it will trundle right down your'll certainly smell it!  

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