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Friday, June 12, 2015

Just how cosy is that?! More Anaerobic Digester Incinerator news for fun loving Peterborough

We had a good old giggle at Cllr Turnips puff in the Petertorygraph, (and still wearing that shiny demob suit ) but the newspaper has only been sold half the story as it were...

Its not looking too good on the incineration front if you include ALL the proposals for anaerobic digesters, as they each need their own dirty old carcinogenic flare pipes...

You read it right, a SECOND plant is trying to pop up in FENGATE, and the proposal for the SECOND plant, put forward by our old friends:

PREL Peterborough Renewable Energy Ltd.

So its not one, but two of these hideous schemes are being dumped on us...and the PREL application is with the blessing of Cllr Turnip [Cllr Chris Harper CON Stanground East] and the Tory cohort! So crocodile tears over the Horsey Toll application?
Which is it Councillor?

Reference 15/00721/WCPP
Alternative Reference PP-04197423
Application Received Fri 15 May 2015
Address Land Off Storeys Bar Road Storeys Bar Road Fengate Peterborough
Proposal Variation of condition 28 (catchment area restriction) of planning permission 08/01081/ELE - Energy Park comprising two fully enclosed materials recycling, conversion and manufacturing buildings (comprising materials receipt and recycling hall, recycled material store and biomass storage, food waste bio-reactor/digester, biomass energy conversion area with 9 stacks; dry cooling system; plasma enhanced vitrification area and remanufacturing processes), research and development centre with visitor space, WEEE re-use building, administration building, vehicle store/workshop, weighbridge, landscaping and habitat creation (including lakes, reed beds , brown and green roofs , tree belt and meadow border) and the realignment of Storeys Bar Road between the junction with Edgerley Drain Road and Vicarage Farm Road and the site access, pelican crossing, shared footpath /cycleway on Storeys Bar Road and extension to the Green Wheel cycle network

The land PREL are keen on developing is wholly unsuitable and near to the council incinerator.  That land we find is owned by the former Conservative Councillor and Leader of Peterborough City Council, none other than Marco Cereste!! Although some source are claiming that new council leader Cllr Holdich has an interest, he could of course offloaded the parcel of land prior to becoming Leader. The cherry on the cake for the current Council Leader Cllr Holdich, is that his son in law a Mr Christopher Williams, is Managing Director of PREL.   Just how cosy is that!?

The deposed Dear Leader El Gruffulo Marco Cereste Red Star, is also obviously a shareholder. The spies suggest the Marcomobile has been seen in Stanground, said to be visiting Conservatives Councillors, several times a week even.  Just how cosy is that!

Cllr Turnip of course is Chair of the Planning Committee (Good Grief!)  so while he whips himself into a frenzy over the Horsey Toll anaerobic digester (ironically very near his older end of Park Farm soon to be dubbed the tarnished golden slurry triangle (formed by Turnips house, the Primary School and the Pillar Box, where most of the community funding had been lavished on over the years...)  , knowing full well its a done deal; the FENGATE monolith on land owned by the deposed Dear Leader,  is very gently being guided and pushed through the Peterborough planning build the PREL owned Anaerobic Digester plant.... Just how cosy is that!.

No doubt if another public meeting is held on the Horsey Toll application, you may wish to put the above points, on the so far hushed up Fengate application, directly to Cllr Turnip and his cohorts?     You really cannot make this stuff up....

UPDATE: Guess what another 'Public Meeting' has come and gone chaired by Cllr Turnip, sinking under the enormity of the task ahead he's now meekly suggesting "setting up a campaign website."

By the time that ever sees the light of day,  a few thousand tons of slurry may well be on its way into the Horsey Toll site...  What part of's a done deal.... does he not understand?  Cllr Turnip is also suggesting that Peterborough City Council needs to approve the scheme. Not so. The access to the site and the two traffic movements a day, can be facilitated by a blister roundabout, rather than an expensive reworking of the local road network.  WE also understand the operators of the Horsey Toll site could easily swallow up tall he refuse destined for the Fengate site.

Pack up your tent, Councillor, the circus has already left town...but left all kinds of crap behind!

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