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Friday, July 17, 2015



I see Stanground saddo & failed election candidate @JULIANBRAY posts his inane ravings on PT under a pseudonym (Peterburgermeister) #tragic

Just in case you missed the 'Peterburgermeister' comment in the Peterborough Telegraph, that's upset the MP, hit this link

PBROTRIB BUNKERspot : Julian Bray writes...

Oh dear some people who should really know better than to pick a fight in a paper bag, thinking that he has blocked me from seeing his febrile output on Twitter: "You are blocked from following @Stewart4Pboro and viewing @Stewart4Pboro's Tweets. Learn more " well he's wrong!  We see everything...most of the posting seem to be of the ligging variety, he must know the Clarkes Menu backwards by now. The poor sap, he's to be seen - when he does clock in, top right hand corner of the Commons TV screen, usually alone. Destined to be a long term habitué of the back benches, the newly re-elected MP ( albeit on a much reduced majority and a huge Election spend ) for the grotty part of Peterborough and a few farm estates, ol' wobbly tonsils himself,  Stewart Jackson MP.  He scribes a polemic rant in the local Paper, 'Petertorygraph' "Westminster Pond Life" or something like that...

His Conservative colleague and frequently promoted front bencher government minister the hard working Shailesh Vara MP having the better side of the City as part of his HUGE North West Cambs constituency. Shailesh as a boy was one of the Uganda Asians expelled by the evil despot Idi Amin Dada in the early 70's.

Interestingly I spoke yesterday on the telephone to Michael OFumbi, who now lives in the USA and son of the former Ugandan Foreign Minister, butchered by Amin.

Michael is travelling back to East Africa, Kampala, Uganda, this week to see if he can recover the original of a 90 minute film I directed featuring his Dad during his Official Visit to the UK, when the then Conservative Government unbelievably gave Amin £17million (a lot of money in the early 70's)to buy......ARMS! I still have a video copy of the film, as we visited all the UK defence manufactures, to try out the goodies so to speak.... but back to #Wacco:

Much of Stewart Jacksons patch is destined to be bulldozed over the next ten years, for expensive yuppie style flats, houses, restaurants and bars, that locals won't be in a position to afford and many moved out from low rental units to heaven knows where..

As is the custom in a democratic society,  the local newspaper invites comment on its current news stories and using my Peterburgermeister account with the paper, an account held for many years and stemmed from the classic 'kibbled onions' rant over the smell of hamburgers and kibbled onions wafting over the prime City Centre estate...

I penned a swift response to the fact that - #wacco  my affectionate tag for the increasingly Friar Tuck like impersonator -  will now be immediately trousering a backdated cool 10 per cent  pay hike, and a few bob for committee work, whilst nurses and other public sector wage slaves rock on with a 1 or 2 per cent uplift in moderate salaries but horrendous hours and no additional allowances to cover mortgages and furnishing, the constituency palace from the public purse  (plus private swimming pool).

Now did 'Friar Tuck' and #Wacco use the same hairdresser?

You may remember the very outfit IPSO FACTO or something like that, has awarded #wacco and all other MP's the largesse, is the one that he waged a legal battle  against (costing gawd knows how much to plead his case over some disputed MPs expenses) #Wacco has never told us how much of the family estate wonga went into funding that legal adventure, but he says he won it.

Just imagine if you had a query over your work expenses, would you hire a whole top drawer legal team to plead your case ? Of course not.   Don't suppose Mrs Wacco was too chuffed either!

Anyway Stewart Jackson has reverted to type when losing an argument, he becomes in our view silly and juvenile, not that anyone listens to the poor old soul in the autumn of his political career possibly to be over and done in less than 5 years ....  still IDS once flogged encyclopaedias, perhaps he still has a few contacts... 

He also hasn't got over the fact that as a duly nominated candidate in the PCC Council elections, I polled enough as an independent, a couple of elections back (and more than some local conservatives) having not knocked on a single door, and only produced 1000 leaflets and 6 rosettes,  total election spend about £80, to finally convince former Conservative Cllr Walsh to hang up her white handbag and quit local politics. Tory Marco Cereste was to be dumped by Stanground voters at the next election. Which was the point in the first place, to simply split the Stanground vote. Oh, how it worked... #Wacco cannot see it of course and why is he so hyper. Thankfully he isn't my MP........

The only time I have actually spoken to said #wacco was late one night when he telephoned me screaming and ranting. It took a few minutes to work out who it was and what his beef was, but I now have his private cell number, for what it is worth... hopefully he's taking blood pressure pills.

Anyway #wacco has the whole Summer to brood over this... and hopefully my modest comment in our local paper will substantially increase their circulation, so the loss making publisher Johnson Press may hire a couple more hacks and reinstate the photographers.....

So if you are ready here is the Twatter spat... read in reverse order ie bottom up...



@guyadams are you looking at Stewart Jacksons election expenses?He seems to have gone off on one,happy to background…


Obviously touched a nerve, Serial back bencher #Wacco scraped back in - his Election expenses should be interesting.…


@JoshWilkinOG @Stewart4Pboro I don't oppose #wacco s views he's so insecure realised his parliamentary career is over in less than 5 years


@Stewart4Pboro Why are you so worried? You have nearly five years to plan your retirement, unless the whip is withdrawn much earlier? #wacco


@Stewart4Pboro I've used Peterburgermeister for years, if #wacco had being paying attention actually supported him at one point .


Obviously touched a nerve, Serial back bencher #Wacco scraped back in - his Election expenses should be interesting.…

I see Stanground saddo & failed election candidate @JULIANBRAY posts his inane ravings on PT under a pseudonym (Peterburgermeister) #tragic

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