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Monday, August 10, 2015

Peterborough Anaerobic Waste Plant for Horsey Toll Stanground & Cardea - Latest

You might not be aware that Conservative Cllr. Christopher Harper, who in reality does little for Stanground East ward - a ward due to vanish next year - and long ago gave up regular walk in public surgeries, is currently jumping up and down about an Anaerobic Waste Plant development application for a farm site on scrub land located near his house  ( oh dear, try and sell that turkey on in a depressed property market - depressed around here booming elsewhere - coupled with the chip factory smell as the burn off the old fat/oil usually over a weekend at the end of each month and the whiff from the mushroom growing sheds ...) in the older parts of the Park Farm estate..

Curiously while the Councillor for Stanground East,  is running ragged to whip up opposition to this Anaerobic Waste Plant, he has been remarkably silent on the parallel Anaerobic Waste Plant application in Fengate, being built on land, owned by fellow Tories, by all accounts. Cllr Harper seems to be adopting a 'Janet & John' style of writing for his forays aimed at his small audience on Facebook.

Just how stupid does he think we all are?

By concentrating on the proposed plant near his house, the heat is taken off the Fengate Anaerobic Waste Plant, which will slip through virtually unopposed and line the pockets of some of his fellow Tories! CUSHTY!

To assist, we've copied the core points below and would remind readers that if the proposal is so dire, then why is the councillor, who is up for re-election next year, remaining deafeningly silent over the huge Fengate Anaerobic Waste Plant application?  We challenge him to put in and formally object to the Fengate Anaerobic Waste Plant development, then publicly report on its progress with equal zeal as displayed over the plant slated for erection near his Park Farm residence! A cynic might say that keeping the spotlight and the glare of publicity on the planning application near his house will let the Fengate Anaerobic Waste Plant application sail through. But we could not possibly comment...

You will also recall that Cllr Harper ran a vitriolic campaign which nearly resulted in the closure of the local garage, shop and a SUBWAY franchise. Luckily the developers/ owners of that site based in Ireland, were ahead of the game, fully complied with all planning requirements and despite Cllr Harpers efforts saved many local jobs as well.   Again the Cllr was silent over the then increased catering operation of the Fenman pub opposite. Seems to have a selective radar for these projects.  We taken out most of the self - serving waffle, to try and crystalise the councillors  position.

A Councillor writes:

 We have now entered the stage where planning officers seek reports from  different advisory bodies such as the environment agency and highways etc so it may seem quiet but a lot is going on. I've received several reports that work is going on in the area proposed for the waste plant and further that word was getting around that a new road was about to be laid into the farm. This has understandably caused some concern that the building has started in advance of permission being granted.
 The planning case officer made a site visit to check out what exactly was going on.

The case officer reported that bore hole sampling was taking place, a requirement of the EA application, and that National Grid were carrying out some work on their gas plant but this was not connected to the application and no building work had started.

The developer confirms no actual building work was intended and an assurance has been received that none will take place before the application has been decided.  It would be fair to assume an increase in traffic during such land investigation work and as this is a working farm, during the approaching harvest.

Please keep watching the council websites for updates on the applications as they come in from different bodies and remember you can personally write to the planning office with any comments and objections you have to any of these reports.
An interesting development

An extract from a letter received by Peterborough Planning Office from Mr Morrison the Senior Planning Consultant for the developer, now claims that the production of electricity to the public network originally proposed in addition to bio gas, is in the opinion of National Grid no longer viable due to capacity reasons.

"Further information has since been provided to the Council (Peterborough City and Cambridgeshire County) clarifying that following due consideration by National Grid there is no longer capacity for the electricity generating element to be connected to the public distribution network. The proposals will therefore purely generate bio gas for the grid network the electricity will be purely used on the site. Peterborough City Council have requested, seconded by Cambridgeshire County Council, an opportunity to re screen the proposals in light of this fresh information, specifically with regard to revising an opinion on the relevant sub section of schedule 2 that the proposals may fall to be considered under".

 Earlier reports:

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