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Sunday, September 13, 2015


A time before the X-factor...


Broadway ....Good times ahead?
The last time Council Leader Cllr John Holdich went to the cinema on a regular basis was probably at the 1,000 seat Peterborough Odeon, which is now the 1,000 Broadway Theatre; unreasonably kept dark as a cinema by a keyholder - who picked it up as a distress sale when the Peter Boizot Mistvalley Company went spectacularly bust - the keyholder seemingly favouring a town centre lap dancing club as a better revenue generator ... but how would we know?!)

The Broadway has unknown to the North Westgate complainants been thrown a well financed lifeline by Bill Kenwright and some 2,000  to 3,000 people a performance day will soon inject much needed footfall and life into the City Centre for a hopefully sell out season from mid November through to January of West End musicals including Tommy Steeles overdue return to the City. 

Kenwright has done this before and vowed not to come back unless the deal was reshaped. It clearly has been.  We just have to hope that Simon Munchkin of the council 'myway or the highways department, ' won't decide to pull another Bourges Boulevard disaster.

Still not removed the 'Titanic rusting hulk' from the central reservation, Simon!

That Bill Kenwright factor alone makes a nonsense of the 8 page objection letter (which we now find was hacked together by the Savills Office IN BRISTOL! So much for detailed local knowledge of Peterborough! Simply no one can predict if the Broadway will in future return to year round live shows alongside big screen cinema showings.  Simply planning for that theatre and cinema use already exists (REF: 04/01560/FUL Decision date 20 December 2004 ) and some spectacular premieres have been shown in the past including the very first Harry Potter film with 16 channels of surround sound.  The then new West End sized big foldaway screen on a railway style track was ripped out by the creep who ended up in jail for stiffing hundreds of theatregoers  and comedian Jimmy Carr!  And then there was the iffy insurance claim...

The council have also just realised that pulling bus subsidy for Fengate also impacts on the other cinema multiplex . So that's a few more screens to debunk the 8 page objection letter.

Simply if the North Westgate scheme needs a cinema as an anchor for the development. It shows how weak the whole project is. Its a none starter. Could it be that our Bristolians need an excuse to dump the whole project, save face, and not upset their backers who have sported the marketing money so far ?  Cllr Holdich is right they need to find another focus, or get back to Bristol and stop messing around. WHY NOT PUT AN IMAX IN THE PLAN?

Queensgates new owners have earmarked a huge budget to rapidly develop their freehold asset, and they are already contributing substantial business rates to the debt pile run up by the robotically voting Tories under  the deposed 'el doochy' former leader.

Property development in the North Westgate case is very much jam tomorrow based on someone elses back of the envelope financial guesstimates. usually on legacy data.  For example no one could factor in Jeremy Corbyn winning the Labour leadership battle, or the seriously useless Cllr Turnip being selected by the Tories to run for Stanground South. Good Grief! Simply times do change.

The Northwestgate developers have put in an EIGHT PAGE objection to the idea that a stunning new multiplex cinema could be incorporated into their shopping centre.... We've asked for a copy of the letter  ( and a day laer we NOW HAVE THE DOCUMENTS! Plus copies of the original Cinema planning consent for the Broadway...Congratulations to Planning Control DETAILED RESPONSE COMING SOON!) so the extracts below are from the Peterborough Telegraph with Paul Grinnell trying to make sense of it all. Read the full newspaper piece, click the link here.

Hawksworth chairman Peter Breach’s warning was prompted by comments from the leader of Peterborough City Council, Cllr John Holdich, who said the North Westgate developers needed to find another anchor point for the scheme. Amazingly the Tribune agrees with Cllr Holdich, we suspect Hawksworth are seeking a way to exit or mothball the project, without losing professional face and upsetting their financial backers...

Cllr Holdich was referring to an announcement from the Queensgate shopping centre that it has secured Odeon to run a multi-screen cinema that will be the focal point of a planned £30 million development of the centre.

He said: “It does not make sense to have two cinemas next door to each other. It’s not commercially viable.” [Cllr Holdich is wrong however as the Broadway is also a cinema]

“North Westgate has to happen and the council will do its best to make it happen. We will help them to find other options.” But Mr Breach said: “There is no other viable anchor, leisure, retail or otherwise, for the North Westgate scheme.

“There is no other proposal to regenerate North Westgate on the horizon – it needs the cinema for it to happen.

“What Peterborough doesn’t want is to abandon the long-awaited North Westgate development by giving approval for a rival scheme in Queensgate that offers far less to the city.

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