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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

What a Messi we are in.... Hi John Got a New Motor? A new TATA MOTORS Jag for the Mayor....and it isn't ELECTRIC!!!!

One like this would take the whole Cabinet, not just the Mayor, just don't let Cllr Hiller (or Cllr Peach) near the keys...  


Just fancy that :

What a prize 'peach' of a story....A shiny new chariot for the Mayor of the cash strapped City of Peterborough has been discreetly slipped onto the Agenda.
It seems the old motor (a bit like the one Arthur Daley used to drive in the 'Minder' TV series) is on its last legs - they say - so a top of the range Jag - the brand now owned by TATA Motors of India - is about to be leased.

But we now hear the rush for a new motor John ..( Do keep up its a song...) may have been hastened by a certain Councillor having a go at parking the old beast.

It seems a wall suddenly presented itself. But curiously all mention of this unfortunate 'collision'  has mysteriously vanished from the official records and the old motors service history. Investigating, we hit a brick wall too!

Perhaps Cllr Peach, can add some helpful information, or at least assist with our enquiry?  Meanwhile the Jaguar Brand owners TATA of India are having a spot of bother:

Soccer star Lionel Messi endorses Tata Motors' new hatchback (Image: Tata Motors)
Soccer star Lionel Messi endorses Tata Motors’ new hatchback (Image: Tata Motors)
The deadly Zika epidemic that surfaced in South America and is spreading at alarming speeds to the rest of the world, has now claimed its first corporate casualty all the way in India. The victim is a new hatchback named Zica to be launched later this week by automobile maker, Tata Motors who also own Jaguar Land Rover.

Tata, one of India’s largest conglomerates, is dumping the name even as the Zika virus is causing anxiety worldwide.

The car, endorsed by soccer icon Lionel Messi and scheduled to be unveiled at the Auto Expo in New Delhi, is to be re-christened.

“Empathizing with the hardships being caused by the recent ‘Zika’ virus outbreak across many countries, Tata Motors, as a socially responsible company, has decided to re-brand the car,” the company said in a statement.

‘Zica’ was coined by Tata Motors by joining the first letters of the words “zippy” and “car”. The small car was being readied for display at dealerships around the country and for customer bookings. That process has been stalled and the car’s new name is not yet known.

Tata Motors is India’s largest automobile company, with revenues of $42.04 billion in 2014-15. Profits soon to be boosted by the Peterborough City Council lease of a new petrol powered Jag for the Mayor to run around in...

Tata revealed the car’s name back in November and heavily promoted it on social media when the world had still not woken up to fear the lethal, mosquito-borne virus called Zika.

Over two dozen countries have been badly impacted by the virus which is said to affect pregnant women and lead to a birth defect called microcephaly – abnormalities including a very small head – in babies. The virus has not made any significant impact in India but the country is known to be particularly vulnerable to mosquito-borne diseases.

Jaguar is owned by an Indian Company Tata Motors - since 2008 - part of the same group that has just closed down the majority of Tata Steel in the UK, sacking many thousands of UK steelworkers, and financially blighting the lives of countless others.  So what better Civic symbol of PCC showing solidarity with the Steel workers, than to top up Tata Motors Indian coffers with PCC borrowed public money ?

Clearly an electric car is out of the question,  as the job specification for the Mayors chauffeur specifically includes an annual trip to Buckingham Palace for the Royal Garden Party. Unless you have a boot full of DuraceIl batteries or a very long cable, its not likely to reach the Mall in London ,electric charge point (in the NCP Car Park).

This is one of those "You really could not make it up" moments that makes living in this City a delight, and provides Paul Staintons' Big Conversation on BBC Cambridgeshire with at least a weeks worth of material...

So if you fancy driving the Mayor and Consort around, click onto the link below, for the job specification (must be able to change wheels...)

Good standard of written English for record
keeping or administrative purposes(A/I)

within the Peterborough area, and further
distances as necessary (including Annual
Royal Garden Party, Buckingham Palace)

Ability to deal with the public, with care and
respect, at all levels(A/I)

Ability to demonstrate appropriate &
professional interpersonal skills at all times

 Ability to maintain confidentiality (A/I)

Sources: PCC, Fiona Radic, CNS, BBC, Press Association, TATA INDIA,

E&OE Tel:+44 (0) 1733 345581 > PETERBOROUGH TRIB NEWSREEL .
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