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Thursday, April 28, 2016


The way we were. Peterborough Telegraph front page 

With a major political row over anti Semitism erupting, Ken Livingstone (close friend Jeremy Corbyn) now suspended from the Labour Party, pending an investigation and two Police forces facing a £20 million class action, following Hillsborough; David Cameron has 'uexpectedly' found time to drop into Peterborough to visit the last remaining viable engineering plant in the City of Peterborough, Caterpillar Perkins.

The USA owned Perkins Diesel company a supplier to Caterpillar Inc. since the 1970s, Perkins was bought by Caterpillar in 1998 for US$1.325 billion.  David Cameron is already at the factory this afternoon explaining to the workforce, why prospects look so grim and engineering apprentices seeking work elsewhere (one we know of, became so fed up at Perkins, he is now working at B&Q , happy to pass his details onto Mr Jackson, he has an interesting tale to tell).

The Press however wanted to concentrate on the impending implosion within the Labour Party over Ken Livingstones alleged crass 'anti-semetic remarks' - a situation helpfully fuelled by Lord Alan Sugar (who resigned from the Labour Party, claiming its now run by lunatics) in a series of studio interviews frantically pouring petrol onto the fire, calling for Ken Livingstone claiming that 'Hitler was a Zionist - in 1932 ** ' to be investigated for bringing the party into disrepute.

** In an historical note, : Livingstone is wrong, On August 25, 1933, the Nazis signed the Haavara Agreement with Zionists allowing German Jews to emigrate to Palestine—by 1939, 60,000 German Jews had emigrated there. However, their policy soon changed to one of brutal total extermination.

Mr Cameron briefly toured the factory, and gave a pro EC pep talk (jacket off. but wearing a black tie)  to workers, hopefully to answer a few selected questions on the EC referendum. But little of that will ever reach the airwaves.... 
The way we were..... City of Peterborough

Conservative MP for the grotty part of Peterborough Stewart Jackson, with teeth gritted welcomed the guest to the city, but didn't miss an opportunity to hurl a few dripping sods of fenland turf his way. 

Our favourite (as in Marmite) back bench parliamentary representative, possibly lingering over a House of Commons subsidised late night Claret, has taken to referencing Facebook to vent his frustration. The language is far too fruity, for tender ears...    

“I’m glad that the Prime Minister in his role as head of the Remain campaign is visiting Peterborough, and he is warmly welcome.

“He will no doubt explain how the Remain policy of Turkish accession to the European Union and open borders will sit with huge local pressure on school places, policing, housing and healthcare in our area, and how future uncontrolled immigration will safeguard and secure my constituents from terrorist outrages.

“I think it will be an uphill struggle to show voting Remain isn’t a huge risk, and a vote to leave, means self governing democracy, making our own spending priorities and controlling our own borders.”

Clearly not a fan .... Camerons driver is advised to keep the motor running, its a fast run back to Downing Street and safer terri-TORY (see what we did there?)  Opr perehaps the Mayor can give the guest a lift in the new limo?  (gathering dust behind the Town Hall)

Meanwhile the works band strikes up "Springtime for Hitler" from the hit musical The Producers.. No.We made that bit up ...

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