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Friday, May 06, 2016

PETERBOROUGH LOCAL ELECTION RESULTS: 'THE DEAR LEADER RETURNS' but MARCO CERESTE is on the back benches (for now), just like Stewart Jackson MP

The Dear Leader returns..."I want the water taxi over there and the lid on the lido by Christmas"
The really good news is that local hero Alan Clark (Fletton & Stanground)  a tireless local campaigner has rightly been elected a Councillor.  CONGRATULATIONS ALAN! This is long overdue recognition for a  very courageous 'tough neighbourhood' campaigner...

Meanwhile no one can doubt that Peterborough is now a true blue City, 'the dear leader' MARCO CERESTE is back in (he polled just 296 votes (gets a 2 year term) Stewart Jackson MP chewing wasps on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire this morning, with some grudging praise for Marcos return. 

We give it a year, and Marco will be dragged (unwillingly of course) to the leaders chair... ( you read it here first, folks! ).

But the big question is: Will the Anti Horsey Toll Anaerobic Digester Campaign be included in Stanground South Conservative Election Expenses?
WE ESTIMATE THEY MUST HAVE SPENT £8,000 SO FAR judging by the classy posters .  This guest blog might help:

We suspect not, as it would have clearly blown the permitted election budget several times over. But it does need someone to make a formal complaint to either the Police or the Town Hall (on 01733 452277)  A huge glossy campaign with posters (the images taken directly from the Conservative Magazine InTouch)  and supported by the Tory candidates (now elected). The posters flyposted all over Stanground South.

Best of luck to all elected councillors..    it should be the mother of all bunfights, something that Peterborough does so well...

HEINRICH Peter, Labour - 168
OVER David, Conservative - 731
ELECTED: David Over

BEECHER, Jay, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  652
CHURCH, Anthony Graeme, Liberal Democrats -  177
ELLIS, Angus Alexander (1st), Labour Party - 916
HIRST, Wendy, Green Party - 252
HORRELL, Marcus Graeme, Conservative Party -  636
MARTIN, Stuart (2nd), Labour Party -  901
MERRILL, Jason Marc, Conservative Party -  669
SYLVESTER, Ann (3rd), Labour Party -  747
WARREN, Scott Edward, Conservative -  656
ELECTED: Angus Ellis, Stuart Martin, Ann Sylvester.

HUSSAIN, Ishfaq, Conservative Party -  978
HUSSAIN, Mahboob, Labour Party -  1,480
IKRAM, Muhammad, Conservative Party -  835
IQBAL, Amjad,Labour Party -  1,814
JAMIL, Mohammed, Labour Party -  1,547

LIPSCOMB, Jeff, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  359
POOLE, Stewart Edward, Conservative Party -  720
TINGLE, Col, Green Party -  387
ELECTED: Amjad Iqbal, Mohammed Jamil, Mahboob Hussain

ABBS, Toby Ingham, Conservative Party -  203
ASH, Chris (1st), The Liberal Party -  1,139
ENGLISH, Carolyn, Green Party -  133
GARTSIDE, Harry James, Conservative Party - 152
HUGHES, Georgia Ellen, Conservative Party -  178
KHAN, Jibran, Labour Party -  660
NAWAZ, Shaz, Labour Party -  633
O’DELL, Peter, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  362
ODEP, Haggai, Labour Party -  623
SALTMARSH, Bella (2nd), The Liberal Party -  1,084
SHARP, Keith Fredrick (3rd), The Liberal Party -  955
ELECTED: Chris Ash, Bella Saltmarsh, Keith Sharp.

IQBAL, Azher (1st), Conservative Party -  959
JOHNSON, Jo (3rd), Labour Party -  829
MCMILLAN, Graham, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  820
OMONDI, Bernadetta Mary Anyango, Labour Party -  513
PINTO, Massimo Antonio, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 692
PINTO Rossana Adelina, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  374
RINGLER, Sandra, The Liberal Party -  348
SHABBIR, Nabil Ahmed, Labour Party -  163
LAL, Shah, Conservative Party -  743
SIMS, Marcus Neil (2nd), Conservative Party -  879
ELECTED: Azher Iqbal, Marcus Sims, Jo Johnson.

Eye, Thorney & Newborough
ALEXANDER, Michael, Green Party -  356
ALLEN, Steve (2nd), Conservative Party -  1,000
BROWN, Richard Andrew (3rd), Conservative Party -  869
HARPER, Carl Matthew, Labour Party -  496
HARRINGTON, David Neil, Independent -  764
HERDMAN, Mary, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  812
JOHNSON, Scott, Labour Party -  299
MILLS, Layton Mark, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  667
SANDERS, David Andrew (1st), Conservative Party -  1,299
YASIN, Mohammed, Labour Party -  217
ELECTED: David Sanders, Steve Allen, Andrew Brown.

Fletton & Stanground
CLARK, Alan John (3rd), Labour Party -  627
FISHER, Emily, Conservative Party -  434
LILLIS, James Edward (1st), Liberal Democrats - 722
OSAMAN, Oz, Conservative Party -  384
MONK, Andy, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  623
RADIC, Fiona, Green Party -  237
SLINGER, Peter Huxley, Independent -  261
THULBOURN, Margaret, Labour Party -  529
THULBOURN, Nicholas John, Labour Party -  522
WHITBY, John (2nd), UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  691
WILKINSON, Janet Elizabeth, Conservative Party -  406
ELECTED: James Lillis, John Whitby, Alan Clark.

Fletton & Woodston
COLES, Andy (1st), Conservative Party -  731
DOWSON, Alan Grant (3rd), Labour Party -  682
FAUSTINO, Pedro, Conservative Party -  619
HORTON, Richard, Green Party -  316
LLOYD, Jon, Trade Unionist and Soialist Coalition -  108
OBRADOVIC, Dusan, Independent -  335
SERLUCA, Lucia (2nd), Conservative Party -  701
THULBOURN, John Nicholas, Labour Party -  635
WHEELER, Les, Independent -  369
WILDE, Jonathan, Labour Party -  535
ELECTED: Andy Coles, Lucia Serluca, Alan Dowson

Glinton &  Castor
BYSSHE, Claire Biggam, Liberal Democrats -  318
GUTHRIE, Gregor, Green Party -  251
HILLER, Peter John (2nd), Conservative Party -  1,286
HODGSON, David, Labour Party -  230
HOLDICH, John (1st), Conservative Party -  1,363
SULLY, Anthea Jane, Labour Party -  176
ELECTED: John Holdich, Peter Hiller

BACON, Chris, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  499
BOND, Andrew William Frederick (3rd), Liberal Democrat Focus Team -  769
BOYLAN-TAYLOR, Marc, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -  464
DAVIDSON, Julia Elizabeth (2nd), Liberal Democrat Focus Team -  789
FOWER, Darren (1st), Liberal Democrat Focus Team -  942
JONES, Roz, Labour Party -  364
MEEDS, Philip, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 428
MURPHY, Francis Paul, Conservative Party - 575
PALMER, Joanne Louise, Labour Party - 332
SHELTON, Hayley Jayne, Conservative Party - 603
TYLER, Bryan Andrew, Conservative Party - 558
WELCH, George, Labour Party - 317
ELECTED: Darren Fower, Julia Davidson, Andrew Bond.

Hampton Vale
BAILEY, Alex Green Party First Choice Candidate- 132
CERESTE, Marco (3rd), Conservative Party - 296
COX, Ewan Robert Sully, Labour Party - 258
KING, Dave (2nd), Conservative Party - 338
LINSKEY, Teresa Josephine, UK Independence Party (UKIP)-195
O`BRIEN, Lynne Christine, Labour Party - 246
PHILLIPSON, BROWN Jon, Green Party Second Choice Candidate - 170
SEATON, David Antony (1st), Conservative Party - 375
SENIOR, Nick Green, Party Third Choice Candidate - 174
WALKER, Robert Stephen Thomas, Labour Party - 214
ELECTED - David Seaton, Dave King, Marco Cereste

Hargate and Hempstead
BLISZCZAK Matthew Jon, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 157
COX George Alastair, Labour Party - 203
FULLER Howard Anthony (2nd), Conservative Party - 289
GIBBS Daniel David, Liberal Democrat Focus Team - 143
GOODWIN Janet Violet (1st), Conservative Party - 301
GRAVES Ronald Clifford, Labour Party - 177
HOGG Christian Druery, Liberal Democrat Focus Team - 133
LINSKEY John, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -173
MUSTAFA Jad, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -102
WALSH Irene (3rd), Conservative Party -255
WEAVER Catherine Mary, Labour Party -193
WIGGIN Chris, Liberal Democrat Focus Team -222
ELECTED: Janet Goodwin, Anthony Fuller, Irene Walsh

ALI Ansar (2nd), Labour Party - 1,463
BARKS Claire Alison, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 502
BASHIR Shazia, Conservative Party - 1,366
KHAN Nazim (3rd), Labour Party - 1,413
NADEEM Mohammed (1st), Conservative Party - 1,482
REHMAN Gafoor, Conservative Party - 1,321
SABIR Mohammed, Labour Party - 1,211
WHITLEY Phillip Robin, Liberal Democrats - 279
WILSON Steve, Green Party - 332
ELECTED: Mohammed Nadeen, Ansar Ali, Nazim Khan.

Orton Longueville
AIREY Alex, Green Party - 421
BULL June Mary (2nd), Conservative Party - 859
CARROLL Vincent Richard, Liberal Democrats - 268
CASEY Graham Peter (1st), Conservative Party - 894
JONES Dennis Peter, Labour Party - 581
NORTH Nigel Victor, Conservative Party - 581
OKONKOWSKI John (3rd), UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 846
SID Evelina, Labour Party - 658
YORK Christopher Robert, Labour Party - 497
ELECTED: Graham Casey, June Bull, John Okonkowski

Orton Waterville
AITKEN Kim Lesley (1st), Conservative Party - 1,338
ELSEY Gavin Anthony (3rd), Conservative Party - 1,169
HOWELL Julie, Green Party - 565
MCLAUGHLAN Iain Peter, UK Independence Party (UKIP) -607
SPEED Rachel Ann, Liberal Democrats -323
STOKES June (2nd), Conservative Party - 1,191
WEAVER David Stanley, Labour Party - 445
WHITWORTH Christopher James, Labour Party -378
WHITWORTH Kim Audrey, Labour Party - 373
ELECTED: Kim Aitken, June Stokes, Gavin Elsey.

FERRIS Richard (2nd), Labour Party - 1,569
KHAN Arfan, Conservative Party - 1,536
PEACH John Philip (3rd), Conservative Party - 1,546
SELLICK Beki, Liberal Democrats - 163
SHAN Ali, Green Party - 355
SHEARMAN John Francis (1st), Labour Party - 1,618
WHITEHEAD Graham John, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 345
YASIN Sabra, Labour Party - 1,343
YOUSAF Mohammad, Conservative Party - 1,203
ELECTED: John Shearman, Richard Ferris, John Peach.

Paston and Walton
BARKHAM Simon Frederick (2nd), Liberal Democrat Focus Team - 819
DAY David, Conservative Party - 449
DEFEO Christian, Labour Party - 537
KONSTANTINIDIS George, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 347
LAW Elizabeth Jane, Conservative Party - 379
MCGREGOR Paul Richard, Conservative Party - 306
PALMER Terry, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 432
SANDFORD Nick (1st), Liberal Democrat Focus Team - 907
SHAHEED Asif (3rd), Liberal Democrat Focus Team - 808
YONGA Bonita Rosalind, Labour Party - 514
YONGA Jonas Ambroise Hopogap, Labour Party - 502
ELECTED: Nick Sandford, Simon Barkham, Asif Shaheed.

HUGHES Roger, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 598
JOHNSON Sue, Labour and Cooperative Party - 1,057
MAHABADI Matthew, Labour and Cooperative Party - 898
MURPHY Edward (3rd), Labour and Cooperative Party - 1,158
NAWAZ Gul (1st), Conservative Party - 1,392
RANGZEB Mohammed, Conservative Party - 1,132
SMITH Samantha Jane (2nd), Conservative Party - 1,218
ELECTED: Gul Nawaz, Smantha Smith, Ed Murphy.

Stanground South
BISBY Ray, Conservative Party - 762
GRIFFITHS Carole Anne, Labour Party - 408
HARPER Chris, Conservative Party - 822
MERCIECA Christopher Edward, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 439
MERCIECA Lisa Jane, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 400
OTLEY Tony, Labour Party - 433
RUSH Brian, Conservative Party - 777
WARD Peter Michael, Labour Party - 355
Elected: Chris Harper, Brian Rush, Ray Bisby  

BEEBY Cherry, Green Party Second Choice Candidate - 238
DAY Sue, Conservative Party - 441
FOX John Raymond (1st), Werrington First Independents - 1,747
FOX Judy  Werrington First Independents - 1,710
FOX Steve, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 565
JONES Chris, Labour Party - 283
LANE Steve, Werrington First Independents - 1,274
MOON Vince, Labour Party - 285
MORLEY Darren, Conservative Party - 382
PROUDFOOT Roger, Green Party First Choice Candidate - 302
SPEECHLEY Aaron, Labour Party - 243
THACKER Paula Vivien, Conservative Party - 452
WELLS Joseph, Green Party Third Choice Candidate - 134
ELECTED: John Fox, Judy Fox, Steve Lane.

AYRES Lynne, Conservative Party - 908
FITZGERALD Wayne , Conservative Party - 855
GASPARUTTI Alan, Labour Party - 339
GOLDSMITH Debbie, Green Party - 153
MYLES John Whitson, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 298
SPICER Roger, UK Independence Party (UKIP) - 241
THOMPSON Drury Helen, Labour Party - 304
ELECTED Lynne Ayres, Wayne Fitzgerald,

LADHA Mahebub, Labour - 100
LAMB Diane, Conservative - 453

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