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Sunday, May 15, 2016


MONDAY MAY 16 LATEST: Julian Bray writes:

The device is now known to be a 'realistic training fake bomb' placed by a security company and a specialist search dog sub contractor during an exercise held last Wednesday, to test the capabilities of specialist explosives search dogs!

The big question for Manchester United to consider is simply that from Wednesday to Sunday 'a device' remained undetected - not by an external security company, that's bad enough, but by MU's own staff and management who have regular access to the areas within Old Trafford, and responsible at all times for public and staff safety at a time of high international security risks.

It seems quite obvious that if any organised  security company places several training fake bombs, say five, they would originally be carried/stored in a a specialist security case with say five numbered (barcoded) compartments. The case would have been issued, time stamped and signed for by the training operative, the 5 individually numbered devices covertly placed, leaving five empty custom cut out compartments in the security case.

Deployment of 5 devices would be completed and the locations recorded and a photograph on an IPhone etc, immediately transmitted to the security firm HQ and an advisory to police that such an exercise was being carried out. Was any of this done if not why not?

At the end of the security exercise, if one 'device' failed to be recovered there would be a gaping hole in the five position security case, before it was returned to the security company warehouse or HQ. Contents checked and the case plus five devices signed back in to a secure store. Was any of this done?

The fact that the security firm allegedly covered up the loss of one of its devices and caused the mass evacuation of the stadium, should ensure that 'heads will roll' not only within the security firm but also Old Trafford staff who must have signed off on the training exercise and closely monitored its progress.

Were any of those involved positively vetted?

It calls into question how the security firm was hired was it a competitive tender or done on 'a mates rate' basis?

Where is the detailed written risk assessment for this exercise? Were the police informed that inert bomb like 'explosives' smelling devices were being used?

When the military use training blank rounds weapons have a distinctive yellow tag on the barrel. Why no 'fake device' markers; on this device?

Why did no one from the security firms involved, immediately the alarm was raised, phone in or did they truly not realised a ' fake device/bomb' was unaccounted for?


Julian Bray writes: Police now confirm a 'controlled explosion' has been carried out by Bomb Disposal officers on a suspect package' within the ground.

RLC BOMB DISPOSAL truck arrives at Football Ground   Picture: Courtesy  PA

Local sources are now confirming that an initial suspect package or device has been found comprising "a mobile phone wired to a toilet pipe" in or around  hospitality area Club 100,  in the North West Quadrant, and that a possible SECOND package or device is being looked for, possibly as a precaution, using explosives sniffer dogs; military bomb disposal officers are on site assisting local police commander.  Four Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service Crews and Tenders were alsio seen entering the cordoned off quadrant.

The current National Threat Tevel is rated as SEVERE.

A Tannoy warning 'Operation Code Red' was repeatedly squawked to all high-viz jacketed match stewards enabling them to start a pre-arranged gently controlled evacuation programme, moving sections of the crowd slowly to the exits. The Old Trafford Stadium is one of the largest in the country. 

Crew discreet public warnings on cruise ships use a different approach, the Bridge will repeat a single word several times such as "Bravo Bravo Bravo"  (Code for FIRE) then gives co-ordinates of incident.

TWITTER:  @StanCollymore                                9 minutes ago

BREAKING. Source is 100% correct. Man is in shock. Phone connected to pipe and wires in Old Trafford toilet. ON AIR LIVE    



Members of the public should always remain alert to the danger of terrorism and report any suspicious activity to the police on 999 or the anti-terrorist hotline: 0800 789 321   FREE.

If your information does not relate to an imminent threat, you can also contact MI5.

Current threat from international terrorism

The current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is SEVERE.

Current threat from Northern Ireland-related terrorism

The threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism is set separately for Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland).
  • The current threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Northern Ireland is SEVERE.
  • The current threat level for Northern Ireland-related terrorism in Britain is SUBSTANTIAL.

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