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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Is it time Cllr Holdich finally faced the reality over Peterborough City wide homeless figures?

BBC News recently reported that more than a quarter of a million people are homeless in England, as an analysis of the latest official figures seems to suggest.

This data seriously challenges the assertion by Peterborough City Council Leader Cllr Holdich in the Peterborough Telegraph there should be no homeless 'rough sleepers in the City of Peterborough.

Short of calling the Council Leader a bit economical with the actuality', perhaps our senior citizen councillor is just confused or not these days up to speed with current events?

Researchers from charity Shelter used data from four sets of official 2016 statistics to compile what it describes as a "conservative" total.

The figures show homelessness hotspots outside London, with high rates in Birmingham, Brighton and Luton.
The government says it does not recognise the figures, but is investing more than £500m on homelessness.
For the very first time, Shelter has totted up the official statistics from four different forms of recorded homelessness.
These were:
  • national government statistics on rough sleepers
  • statistics on those in temporary accommodation
  • the number of people housed in hostels
  • the number of people waiting to be housed by social services departments (obtained through Freedom of Information requests)
The charity insists the overall figure, 254,514, released to mark 50 years since its founding, is a "robust lower-end estimate".

Julian Bray comments:
"I have also arranged a walkabout in known rough sleeper hotspot locations to which members of the Adults and Communities Scrutiny Committee and the five Group Leaders will be invited. This will help everyone to experience the issues first hand, before moving into a more formal process of cross-party working."   Cllr Holdich Peterborough Telegraph

 You really have to wonder what planet Cllr Holdich is living on, as it certainly isn't ours. This new found zeal to hound rough sleepers (but not to offer proper assistance as exposed during the radio interviews.

The council allegedly repeatedly fobs off the homeless claimant with a new timed appointment, sometimes its deferred two or three times and often this rolls over to the following day. It ticks a box but the homeless remains without a roof over his/her head.

The council has recently hired ie shelling out Wonga. for a team of people to work social media relentlessly churning out propaganda East German GDR style. Clearly inaccurate claims 'there need be no rough sleepers in Peterborough' is just so wrong. Cllr Holditch should listen to the radio more and not believe his own hype. 

 We've had Cllr Fitzgerald (when not driving wedding cars around) declaring that its just a handful, and nothing to worry about. At the same time we see uniformed security guards standing around in Bridge Street (£30,000? over the Christmas period) and a series of car crash interviews on Paul Staintons morning show.

Try and find them on the BBC Player. They are priceless. Then we have Cllr Chris Harper ( who blocks people on social media - some communicator!) he used to be called Cllr Turnip but that was so unkind to ...turnips. Currently he's been banging on about Travellers. Currently in residence in front of the Crown Court building. No doubt the parking enforcement people are slapping penalty notices on their vehicles? If not why not? If we stay a few minutes over the meter time a penalty notice immediately appears. Clearly travellers are exempt? 

 Still if Holdich and co are going walkabout perhaps they might like to look at Cromwell Street, cleaned up a few weeks ago but now full of litter again DUMPED BY TAXIS AND PRIVATE HIRE DRIVERS ( Cllr Fitz probably knows them, in between wedding hires that is ...).

They all park up in between jobs and use the time to clean out their cars, most of it gets dumped in Cromwell Street. Mixed in is an assortment of used needles and other drug related materials. Could it be that some drivers are also users? Perhaps the Cllr (possibly a key man) in charge of taxis should follow this up? (right opposite Frobisher House the former Job centre at the bus station end) But now is a good time to go on the rounds as the Tories are throwing money at the Coronation of a new mayor. To be elected in May, after Brexit is set in motion in March..... read the Supreme Court judgment here

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